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Posted by Outkaste (8 posts) 1 month, 1 day ago

Poll: Aang vs Naruto-Who Would Win? (10 votes)

Naruto 70%
Aang 30%


Morals Off

Naruto has Sage of 6 Paths, Full Power Kurama

Aang has Avatar State and Energy Bending

Most powerful forms seen for both

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What an awful mismatch. Naruto stomps.

Edit: Also who voted for Aang? Lol.

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Who would make such a poll lmfao...???

Naruto Blitzes, dude is Low-Relativistic by the end of the War-Arc, way above a Lightning Timer, which so far no characters in The Last Airbender or Legend of Korra are, to my knowledge. Thats why characters have to learn to Redirect Lightning rather than just moving out of the way easily.

Base Naruto (right after he learns sage mode) or maybe Sage Mode Naruto could take on Aang honestly. Aang isn't thatimpressive.

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Hey 👋 you’re pretty new so I’m just gonna tell you this was a stomp when it was first made and it’s still a stomp now. You should use the search bar before you make a thread.

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This is pretty much a spite match. Naruto one-shots.

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Mismatch, VOTE 1 Naruto blitzes the shit out of Aang let alone SOSP Naruto. @emperorthanos-:

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Spite, naruto blinkstomps

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Aang is so much of a better character that it’s not even funny, but yeah Naruto curbs