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Poll: A Bloodlusted JL Superman runs The Thor Ragnarok Gauntlet (10 votes)

He clears effortlessly 20%
Stop at 2 0%
Probably at 3 10%
Hard stop at 4, i could see Thor soloing 10%
Definitely at 5 either could solo, together they murderstomps him 10%
Slaughter his way up to 5 but stopping there only because of Surtur 50%
Results 0%

Clark has full knowledge

  1. Warriors Three
  2. Fenris Wolf and Valkyrie
  3. Lightning Cloak Thor and Hulk
  4. Revengers
  5. Hela and Eternal Flame Surtur

Take place in Asgard

Clark has absorbed sunlight 1 hour prior to the fight

Any win conditions

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#1 Edited by DammeFavour (8466 posts) - - Show Bio

He clears everything else and probably has issues with surtur

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#2 Posted by DrPepperMan (6288 posts) - - Show Bio

Inb4 Surtur lowball.

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#3 Posted by FaradaySloth (10023 posts) - - Show Bio

He stomps anyone not named Surtur, then loses to Surtur

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#4 Posted by AllHellKingDox (318 posts) - - Show Bio

He clears surtur can't touch him while he uses himself a bullet.

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#5 Posted by Amcu (16898 posts) - - Show Bio

Assuming no IW feats he clears.

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#6 Posted by ANTHP2000 (27739 posts) - - Show Bio

He cannot beat Surtur at all, but he clears everything else.

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#7 Posted by rem (2742 posts) - - Show Bio

Stalemates at 5.