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Poll: 65 ft Tall Giant Man (Ant-man & the Wasp) vs MCU Fenris Wolf (17 votes)

Scott step on the poor Dog 35%
The Overgrown Dog mauls Scott 53%
Results 12%

Who wins and why?

Location: Asgard

Any win conditions except BFR

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Boy Scott looks OP.

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Gee, wish I coulda seen the movie before reading in the title that he was 65ft tall.

That said, I don't mind, idgaf about spoilers :P.

Also, if anyone in any Ant-Man thread dares say "spoiler alert br0" then tell them to not click the bloody thread.

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Put Spoiler Tags in the title

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This is the extent of Scott's power? I was expecting him to be a little more op

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That’s not 65 ft tall Giantman. He was 65 ft in Civil war. He’s bigger than that here.

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Haven't seen Ant-Man and The Wasp yet but 65ft is bigger than in Civil War, right? I think Civil War Giant-Man is already a match for Fenris, scaling 65ft should stomp.

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Damn that's huge. Does he lift that ship or something?

I think 65 ft would be too large for Fenris. Scott no sold everything Rhodes hit him with in Civil War itself. He is freakishly durable as Giant man, not to mention super strong. He literally tore off a jet liner wing effortlessly. He's still slow though. Don't know what improvements he has in Ant Man and the Wasp.

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He looks more like 130 in the picture

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@aka_aka_aka_ak: Giantman in Civil war is the 65 ft version of him. This is one is well over 100 ft.

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I'm not sure why people are screaming spoilers when the 65 ft. thing was in the trailer iirc.