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616 Captain America

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Composite Live Action Spiderman

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This would be a good fight because I think Caps gave 616 Spidey a good fight. However, I do think Composite Pete is too durable and fast for Cap.

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Steve quite solidly.

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Steve. He matches any of the spider-man's here in live action in a lot of the departments already. I don't feel making them combined feats giving any of those advantages.

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  • Better speed
  • Better strength
  • Better durability
  • Better versatility

inb4 comic>live action

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Spiderman wrecks, he’s way faster, can tank Steve’s hits, is way stronger, his webs could incap Steve, and he can put the hurt on Cap.

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Spider-Man wins this handily.

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Cap wins.

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Siding with Rogers.

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Spidey stomps

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Spider-Man wins.

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Pretty sure this has been done, and Peter stomps.

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Spiderman handily

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-Strength of Tobey Maguire

-Speed and reflexes of Garfield

-Tecnology of Holland

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