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5D imps are very casual in multiversal reality warping. Just look at Emperor Joker.

going with imps..

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The Downstreamers take this. The Downstreamers survived the recreation of the multiverse and actually transformed it from a finite multiverse with a limited number of universes, to an infinite multiverse with an unlimited number of universes. In this infinite multiverse, every possible universe that could exist does. IIRC they also created other infinite multiverses after they expanded the original finite multiverse into an infinite multiverse.

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Downstreamers are totally omniscient. If there is a possible way to defeat the 5D imps, then the Downstreamers would already know how to beat them, and would have therefore already beaten them. They can create infinite number of Universes and engineer structures which can tank hundreds of big bangs per second.

So Downstreamers should take this!

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@frecky-frack: I just want to point out the Downstreamers aren't totally omniscient. They were "omniscient" in the original finite multiverse, but once they expanded it into an infinite multiverse and created other infinite multiverses, they still had their original amount of power and knowledge, but it wasn't enough to predict everything in The infinite multiverses. So, the Downstreamers aren't actually omniscient.

Edit: TBH The Downstreamers aren't really impressive and they lack feats.

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Stalemate..? Its really hard to say that either team can win. I haven't seen an Imp create an Infinite Multiverse though, that is some serious power. I default to Downstreamers out of hype and the height of their feats but I think that the Imps would be a good fight.