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  • Fight to the death.
  • Snipes's Blade has feats from all movies.
  • Blade has his Daywalker sword, and the Elektras' have a sword or their sais.
  • Morals off, going all out.
  • Perfect teamwork for the Black Skys'.
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Honestly looking back on The Defenders, I think Elektra’s been overrated, she has enhanced stats and could bullet time yes, but she was inconsistent, she only knocked out Luke when he was weakened and in the finale, she got stalemated by Matt, yes she was likely holding back but so was he, Blade would dismantle Matt in a one-sided stomp.

Still though, at her best, three Elektras might be too much, Blade soundly beats one and I’d even give him the win against two but three should tip it the other way.

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Blade. Too beastly. Team starts off with the numbers advantage but Blade will take one out and 3 will become 2 and 2 will become 1 and 1 will become 0.

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3 might be a bit too much.

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Blade should stomp

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Blade probably stomps, especially if he's willing to take a bite from at least 1

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Blade was easily holding his own against both Nyssa and Assad in the second film, so 3 vs 1 will probably be just more of a workout but still winnable for Blade.