2019 High Mid Pyp Round 1: Sawedoffit vs Reaverlation (Closed: Reaver wins)

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Round 1: Sawed vs Reaver

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  • Gilgamesh 4
  • Darkrai 3
  • Hendrickson 5
  • Hercules 3


  • Character Fusion 7
  • Adamantium Weaponry 5
  • Invisibility 2
  • 1 hr prep 1


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  • Composite Madara Pre-Juubi (9)
  • Wildstorm/New-52 & Rebirth Midnighter (6)


  • Team Mind Immunity (6)
    • Mind Link (2)
    • Nightcrawler's teleportation for Madara (3)
    • Invisibility for Midnighter (2)
    • Flight for Midnighter (1)
    • 1 hour of prep (1


  • 16 participants total can be bumped to 24
  • Participants must have 500 post or must have completed at least 1 CAV or Tourney Match
  • 15 points for characters
  • 15 points for perks
  • No BFR
  • No Time Manipulation
  • No Reality Warping
  • No Speed Steal
  • No Power Copying/stealing.
  • Cloning is limited to 5
  • Marvel is 616 unless otherwise Stated
  • DC is Post-Crisis/Post Flashpoint unless otherwise stated
  • Manga is manga/anime composite
  • Toriko is PTS
  • No CCC for Fate. Only the ones listed.
  • In-Character & Morals On
  • Teamwork is not a factor, but Perfect teamwork is necessary for strategies incorporating that


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Start 100 meters apart.


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@reaverlation Would you like to go first?

you're more than welcomed to go first. Have to get some scans together and school work is hitting me hard

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A Darkly Connection | Sawed_Off_It's Team

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Darkrai | The Nightmare Being

No Caption Provided

Quick Summary

Darkrai is an elite level and powerful pokemon capable of going toe to toe with Palkia and Dialga. Both of which control Space and Time and are part of the Creation Trio.

Darkrai's abilities are ranged from instilling nightmares into opponents and inhabiting their dreams. Which can only cease if the intended victim is exposed to the key Lunar Wing. You don't have access to that. He can then shroud an entire battlefield in darkness and become intangible. His moveset is extensive and lethal to say the least and with game feats added, he is quite a formidable adversary for any one in this tournament.

Some Abilities:

  • Intangibility
  • Teleportation
  • Shadow manipulation
  • Dream manipulation
  • Sleep manipulation
  • Flight
  • Weather manipulation
  • Shield creation
  • Telepathy
  • Hypnosis
  • Mental Immunity

Darkrai's Addition | Part I

He can form himself into shadows of anything and disappear. He can then use Dark Void to momentarily contain both of your characters. Being enveloped within Dark Void takes a toll on Darkrai himself in the instances that I highlight below but will do more than its job in keeping your team immobilized and in at my character's whim. He was able too execute it perfectly against Palkia and Dialga (Gods of Time and Space) while an ongoing battle was happening between the three. Obviously, Palkia and Dialga are capable of devastating attacks that literally warp both space and time -- kind of why thy're called that.

Let's take a look at some durability feats for Darkrai when matched up against these guys:

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

Which busts up several city blocks.

No Caption Provided
  • In its most impressive durability feat here, Darkrai tanks an all out attack from both Dialga and Palkia which was not just stated to be capable of destroying a city, but also the pocket dimension that Palkia created in order to hide the city


  • The fact that the attack didn't leak shows the great durability of Darkrais' shields. As you'll see further down, these scans show that his Dark Void swallows the beams that were capable of causing a rift (at the least) in the dimension and grows larger in size, engulfing the two battling entities at once


No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
  • Dialga and Palkia's casual clashes was already causing reality to fall apart. Indicating that it's not a hyperboled statement


No Caption Provided

Here, a clearer and moving motion look at his Dark Void deferring both Godly attacks. He performs this show of durability/stamina for 2 min and 32 seconds. However, these are against the Pokemon Gods of Space and Time. Holding it against your team should be a walk in the park.

No Caption Provided


Dark Pulse puts people to sleep and Dark Void protects my team while unleashing whatever assault that they see fit.

Ideal Usage

  • Dark Pulse - Neat idea I had but not really a factor since your team has the Mind Immunity Perk.
  • Dark Void - Totally still a factor. One that you won't over come.

I'll get into this more later on.

Gilgamesh | King of Heroes

No Caption Provided

Quick Summary:

The King of Heroes, he is a heroic spirit in the fate series but served as a King in his life time. He had acquired all the treasures of the world and contrary to his own non-chalant demeanor and cocky attitude he cared very much for the People of Uruk (the city he gave all to protect) and those treasures that he sought are now used as his means of power in battle. They are significant in that each one of the revered weapons that he acquired during his life, had now become a noble phantasm themselves. All other servants are reserved to 1 noble phantasm. A special ability and well, seemingly, a trump card that they can use if the situation/confrontation is so dire that they deem it necessary to unleash such power. Anything from Magic Spell Bounds, Wooden Spikes that are near conceptual in nature that, equates to pretty much " if you believe you can be penetrated, you will be" spikes, regardless of what armor you're wearing. Some attacks happen internally and there is really nothing you can do about it, and some such as Rider's fro Fate Zero. can alter reality and send him and his opponent to what is stated to be a reality marble aka: a pocket dimension that puts the fight on the heroic spirit's terms.

Rider Noble Phantasm

As you can see, the entire landscape changes when they are facing Rider in his own reality marble. A noble Phantasm is very much a big deal

  • Relevancy to this fight - Gilgamesh not only has a single noble phantasm; his is limitless:

(I will not go over them all or delve into specifics just yet, but I will gloss over a few so you can maybe get an idea of what treasures he keeps secure behind his gates. Again, this is a brief intro and he possesses an endless supply of them).

No Caption Provided

Gilgamesh can fire them at will and spam the opponent with them in rapid succession and from every direction.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

Gilgamesh summons hundreds in an instant. Each with their own purpose and properties.

A few examples:

No Caption Provided

A sickle that literally cuts through magic and to the bones.

No Caption Provided

A sword that freezes the opponent even if it misses. By just being in close proximity, it has an effect.

No Caption Provided

Chains that only grow stronger and tighten further the more divine its capture is. Reason why their called Chains of Heaven, Or Enkidu

As for Gilgamesh himself, though he doesn't necessarily have any physical combat showings, he doesn't need them. His endless noble phantasms are second to none and keep him well guarded and highly prepared for battle. Gilgamesh himself however can easily see through and understand magic. Being from his time period and facing off against warriors and sorcerers from a completely different era holds no hindrance to this ability of his.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

Understands the ins and outs of what magic may be used/pitted against him with just a mere glance. So regardless of what magic you attempt on him, he'll likely know everything about it before you attack.

Gilgamesh Addition | Part I

Gilgamesh and other Heroic Spirits scale off of the mage they are in service to. All of the peak human mages that Gilgamesh has been bound to are street level, so pretty much any decent mage and/or a fusion of multiple characters on this tier would make Gilgamesh' ability and weaponry undoubtedly more potent and tremendously powerful.

Compare Gilgamesh bound to Kirei Kotomine:

No Caption Provided

To his stats under Tosaka's father:

No Caption Provided

With Tokiomi as a master, his stats are outrageous compared to his stats under Kerei Kotomine. His Noble phantasm, which is endless by the way, reaches EX levels, of which are incalculable and make parameters meaningless when trying to scale their effectiveness. EX is not really a rank... It's a term that I personally view as undetermined potency. That's not a statement or a feat from the Fate Series but if you can come up with better explanation and/or term for it, you're welcomed to it. Whatever rolls off the tongue.


Adamantium Weaponry

Now afforded to the list of his noble phantasms and countless treasures within the Gates of Babylon, my fusion is also projecting Adamantium weaponry in your team instantaneously from all directions and angles (around below and above you) and using Adamantium weaponry as spawned weapons themselves. Taking each treasure and coating them with adamantium also should be an easy process.

This is what regular treasures can do, and what speed the are capable of. This is under Kerei Kotomine, a lesser powerful Gilgamesh than the other:

"The King of Heroes gave Tokiomi a glance of displeasure. Then he swung his right hand, which was propping up his chin on the edge of the ship. Four swords and spears appeared in the air next to him. The shining primeval Noble Phantasms unleashed a thunderous roar, and flew to impale the filthy mountain of meat that wriggled down below.

Saber and Rider reacted immediately and jumped away to avoid being caught in the attack, but Caster’s sea monster was in no ways so agile. The four Noble Phantasms hit it head on. Their power, enough to split mountains, blew one-third of the giant beast’s body into nothingness."

Fate/Zero: Act 10 Part 2

Your team should have a very rough time just trying to evade these projectiles. Projectiles that are powerful enough and fast enough to "split mountains".

He can also further upgrade/harden his already immensely durable Golden Armor by plastering a coat of Adamantium around it. This golden armor by itself is capable of withstanding an excessive amount of hits from Saber and emerge unscathed, re-materializing itself:

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

Just for reference, Saber's sword releases massive amounts of magical energy (of which contradicts her invisible sword and the magic within forces it to be barely visible when its wielded) and can penetrate opponent's weapon just by touching it.

It won't be a big contributor to this fight imo given my plan of defense leading into ranged offense, but,

Gilgamesh's Speed (just because)

(Take note -- in Scan 3 above -- that even though he himself doesn't partake in physical combat often and wasn't as skilled as Saber, he was able to keep up with her near lightspeeds in combat and shield his head from any severe strikes).

The clash between the precious artifacts of legend, driven by strength and speed far beyond that of a human, passed the speed of sound, nearing the speed of light. Observation had long since lost meaning in this momentous battle. Those divine skills, pushed to the limits at the point of this fierce battle, were having a supreme contest between the two.

An unknown number of rounds had been fought; perhaps tens of rounds, perhaps hundreds of rounds. It was simply impossible to determine with a mortal eye. After the lance and sword of the two clashed, they finally separated, and moved away from each other.

 -Fate/Zero: Act 11, -72:43:28

Another example of her speed:

By good command of footwork as a Servant, Saber would be able to rival a jet fighter in speed and galloped on top of the water. However, this vast river surface, with no obstacles at all, was undoubtedly the best hunting ground for the black knight who strafed down from the air above.

The bullets pouring out like torrential rain swept behind the galloping Saber, missing her by a hair, and scattered raging sheets of water like the streams of an upward waterfall.

Regardless of the size of the caliber, something on the level of mere cannon shells pose no threat to Servants at all. This is especially so with Saber, whose physical abilities would also her to evade them with no difficulty, and even deflect the shots back with the blade of her sword if she wanted to. However – no matter how extraordinary the Heroic Spirit may be, the 12,000 rounds-per-minute of the pride of America's General Electric, the M61 autocannon, presented an unmanageable amount of shots. Worse yet, as a weapon carrying the properties of a Noble Phantasm due to Berserker’s prana, a single shot would instantly be fatal.

 -Fate/Zero: Act 10, -84:19:03

And this is regular Gilgamesh who hardly walks on the ground during combat; he even finds it offensive to expect that from him. Here, he is fused with Hercules/Berserker, who I'll cover soon. Hercules is supremely skilled, skilled enough to take on both Saber and Archer and possesses superior strength and similar speed.

Like I said though, I'll get into that next

Hendrickson | The Purge

No Caption Provided

Hendrickson is a powerful and versatile character in the Seven Deadly Sins saga. His portrayal as a foe to Meliodas and his team proved him a tactical thinker and intelligent fighter during battle. His abilities are vast and given access to most, if not all of his feats, his mind and powers provide many avenues of attack for a fused character.

Some Abilities:

  • Super Strength
  • Super Speed
  • Hellblaze Fire
  • Shadow Tendrils
  • Black Snow
  • Acid
  • Purging Souls with a touch
  • Flight
  • Among many others

Hendrickson Addition | Part I

Well besides an ability to one shot characters with a Purge touch,. (This specific gray demon was comparable in strength and power to the very gray demon that gave Hendrickson his demonic powers in the first place. Most of these demons are within a power range) and as for his usage here, well, Hendrickson offers a mental edge in the midst of battle; critical thinking and tactical prowess during a strategy (I'll explain in the last section) that allows him to read the opponent while safely confined. Assuming there will be an opponent that could survive the initial assault at all anyway.

How these power level seems to work, it seems as though (because I am admittedly currently learning more and more as it pertains to Seven Deadly Sins) your power level is easily understood. The higher the number the more powerful you are... It increases by quite literally consuming it, bestowed it, stealing it and/or merging yourself with it. That is what Hendrickson did when he absorbed the blood of a gray demon and his power was raised exponentially, from 2700 to 5800. Taking Hendrickson's power and adding 3 same tiered beings (1 being far above in terms of power, his abilities should be far FAR more formidable when used here.)

He possesses Instant regeneration, especially against physical attacks, also like this. and, the regeneration process is immediate.

Both his Acid: (That rots the enemy from the inside out)

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided


And his Hellblaze ability that overcomes and burns through even things immune to it:

No Caption Provided

The fire also can't be put out by regular meansand negates regeneration.


Both of these (Acid and Hellfire) are shown on panel to be well equipped when conjoined to weaponry:

No Caption Provided

There are a lot more abilities he has but I'll cut this Hendrickson intro off for now. Mainly because I'm trying to get this thing going and I'm expecting that they'll come in handy during the Counter and Consideration portion of the debate.

Hercules | Berserker

No Caption Provided

To be honest, this pick was mainly made due to me not sure what to use my last 3 points on and me wanting to represent someone that I'm at least sort of familiar with.

Hercules is the Servant, Berserker, in the Fate series. He is one of the only beings to actually threaten Gilgamesh in combat and put up any sort of a fight. His fights with Archer and Saber show his physicals to be superior than both but other than physical brawling and melee bouts in which he proved himself as too much for almost anyone, he offers extra strength, speed and skill if my team found themselves in need of it. I mean, they won't but it doesn't hurt. Sometimes even Saber can barely keep up with him.

His abilities allow him to continue to fight while even on the verge of death. Which makes dealing with the regeneration my character has even more problematic to deal with. Not only do you have to get through that, you'd have his Battle continuation to contend with as well. Also seen here.

Hercules is a necessary addition.

Hercules Addition | Part I

For a brute like Hercules, and like I have been doing, I'm just going to highlight some nifty abilities that he brings to the table in order to make this fusion even more formidable.

Some Abilities:

  • Super Strength
  • Super Speed
  • Skilled
  • Regeneration
  • Magic Resistance - states that due to his madness, it somewhat reduces magical effects but is resistant. Seeing as he is fused with others AND Gilgamesh of all people, that should raise its effects moderately at he least. As Gilgamesh can see through magic and understand it on sight.
  • Luck love Hercules - in situations where you may think you're in an advantageous spot, luck could play a card and assist me.

Like a ghastly drive creeping on the ground, Berserker swung his current weapon down at Saber's head. Saber blocked it safely with her invisible sword, but she was astonished when she identified what the weapon was. An iron pole — this is what was left of the street light pole Archer was standing on top of, that tumbled on the ground when Berserker chopped it down. Berserker probably picked it up at his feet when he charged at Saber. Berserker held the iron pole, over two meter long after being cut down, with two hands like a spear, putting a terrible pressure on Saber's sword. But the surprising point is that this weapon was nothing but an iron pole.

Saber's sword hidden under Invisible Air was definitely the holiest of the holy swords. It was the most supreme Noble Phantasm. There is no way it will have troubles against a piece of metal you pick up on the roadside. The only thing that could possibly rival Saber's sword with such strength is the Noble Phantasm of another Heroic Spirit. Yet... "Wh... at?" Holding up, Saber couldn't believe her eyes. The iron pole in Berserker's hands was being tainted in black. Black lines were spreading and multiplying like the veins of a leaf, invading the iron pole.

The starting point was Berserker's two hands. The black lines were spreading on the entire pole like a spider's web from where the black gauntlets are holding it. This was Berserker's prana — the prana muddled with bloodthrist and hatred, possessed only by the black knight. The iron pole was receiving it by permeation from his hands. "You can't mean...!?" Saber understood through her surprise. The true nature of this Berserker's Noble Phantasm. Lancer and Rider, watching closely, reached the same conclusion. "... So that's it. When Blacky takes something, it becomes his Noble Phantasm."

Rider growled in admiration. The Noble Phantasm of a Heroic Spirit doesn't need to manifest through a characteristic object. Sometime, it can be a type of Noble Phantasm that manifests through a "unique ability" retained by the Servant's very body. This is exactly the case for Berserker. Still, what an astonishing power that was. Berserker was capable of pillaging at will the countless Noble Phantasms thrown at him by Archer. They now understand the frightening lure. The instant Berserker's gauntlets grab one, the control of Archer's Noble Phantasms go to the black knight. Not only that, even ordinary scrap iron became full of the immense prana fit to compete with other Noble Phantasms once it came into Berserker’s hands. Unlike how the golden knight owned numerous Noble Phantasms, Berserker’s Noble Phantasm is endless.

Fate/Zero:Act 4 Part 3, -153:50:22

  • As seen above anything he picks up and uses becomes endowed with enough magic to be conceptually labeled as a noble phantasm. Here, he combats Saber with a light pole, shocking everyone. A light pole should've been cleaved through by the sheer wind gust that a swing from Saber's sword creates.
  • Hijacks a fighter jet at higher than the speed of sound while fighting Gilgamesh in his own flying ship, a ship that moves at light speed.

Archer's laughter raised as the Vimana's altitude sharply increased. Berserker's F-15J once again gave pursuit, clawing at its back. The two instantly broke through the sound barrier, falling up through the sea of clouds in the night sky, climbing ever higher as the dogfight continued.

Fate/Zero:Act 10 Part 2, -84:30:16

He possesses many other cool abilities that make this character so much fun to represent but I'll save it for now.

General Plan

Well with an hour to prepare, the Gates of Babylon will be at full , well limitless, capacity.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

Here is a non serious Gilgamesh opening up tons of portals, and as you can see, they are placed any and everywhere. Too many to keep track of, even with a battle computer.


Gilgamesh however, can see everything and know everything before it happens with zero knowledge on his counterparts:

All he needs is to glance at the opposition to know everything about them and how to defeat them. WHich he'll be able to do since Dark Void will be a provided as a protective sphere.

Clairovoyance from Gilgamesh:

Oh-ho. You realize, Tine, that only I could answer that question? Under this ‘Fuyuki’ sys-

tem, one does not retain memories of the times one has been summoned elsewhere.”

“Even if they are in the past...?”

There was no concept of past or future in the Throne. Taking in all of a Heroic Spirit’s me-

mories would create contradictions, such as knowing the outcome of a Grail War they were

currently participating in. Their memories were therefore supposedly adjusted to match the time

and place to which they were summoned.

“It may be a desperate measure on the part of the Throne to curb the world’s contradictions,

even if only slightly, but it is a wasted effort in the face of my eyes, which see through all futures.

Analogizing the past based on a future of a different phase is a simple matter.”

The King of Heroes stared confidently into empty space and endeavored to observe himself

on a different phase, but...

“Hm? ...’Splash’...? This can’t be right... Fishing...? No...”

He appeared briefly troubled, then mystified.

“How odd. As soon as I turn my gaze to the phases around when I was summoned to this

‘Fuyuki,’ the ‘mud’ I saw today clouds my eyes.”

He seemed, however, not to particularly mind. After a sip of wine, he shrugged his shoulders.

This shows that he can casually view other timelines. Not only knowing what will happen but will see what your team is capable of once the fight commences. Also, knowing that his treasures must be dealt swiftly and quickly right off the bat:

The efficacy of the Noble Phantasm, Sha Nagba Imuru, is tremendous; not to mention the opponent's True Name and Noble Phantasm, it can even see through a heavily concealed truth with a single glance.

Although it is in a condition of being continuously invoked, one can also assume that it is being intentionally restrained.

Bond Line 5

Thus, maybe he has even attained a piece of the truth regarding the demise of human history.

Yet, he won't say a thing.

He only watches over the Master's fight and smiles.

He may spare no efforts in his assistance, but still--

Extra Bond Line

To show that clairvoyance is used in battles we have Scathach's lines. This just shows that he can utilize it mid battle.


So what happens?

- So what happens when the battle starts and my character sees through everything and everyone and every possible outcome while safely secured within the Dark Void? I'll explain.


- Each portal will not only hold Gil's treasures and exceed the number of noble phantasms necessary in order to win this fight, but many of them will be coated in raging fire and fatal acid. Not to mention the non stop barrage of adamantium weaponry that will be hurled at your team.


- All of this will be enacted by me while my character resides safely inside the Darkrai's Dark Void (Granted you won't know that because I'm invisible via my perk. For all you know, the void itself will be the thing you're figuring out how to fight).


- Beyond all of the Adamantium Weaponry, magical treasures and more noble phantasms coated coated in fire and acid, the dark pulse spheres will be propelled through the portals at the same speeds. Not that it'll have much effect given your Mind Immunity but it is still something your team has to work hard to avoid/evade.


- And then you'll have the dark snow you'll have to deal with right off the bat. With an hr prep, the battlefield should be a speckled mess destructive flakes that have no intended direction, you're pretty much going to have to weave through blizzard-like and snowy weather. With the exception being that a single drop could result in lethal consequence for one or more of your team.


- Having a Fusion character makes all of this possible and second nature for my team. Given what I've been told by the host, we'll have absolutely no issues working cohesively, so fortunately, I worked with that.


Early Consideration(s)

As far as your team in concerned, I don't see why I can't just swallow up Midnighter in a column of acid:

No Caption Provided

While the Battle Computer (of which I'm sure your strategy hinges strongly on) you have no knowledge on who or what you're dealing with. I'm no expert on Madara but from what I know about Midnighter, he requires it to attain scenarios for victory. Even with invisibility, he'll have no idea what the hell to do when the fight begins. And I strongly doubt that even with doors, his route to escaping my projectiles is non existent in this scenario.

I am both invisible and guarded by an immeasurably powerful Dark Void. You have far too much to worry about right from the start and no knowledge to work with. Even if you did, you aren't prepared for a single fusion character with this much fire power derailing you the second the fight starts. As I said before, your team wouldn't even know what to do when confronted by the Dark Void... If anything, you'll probably assume that is what you're fighting and not me given the way this battle worked out.

Regarding Madara, he looks to maybe be an issue just based on his points but I know next to nothing about him, so we'll see. I look forward to learning more about him. I feel good about what I have in place but a learning session on Madara would be welcome.

You're Up.

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Alright this tourney has finally commenced and I hope this ends up being a lot of fun for me and my opponent today. So alas, let's get started.


So I only obtained 1 hour of prep so the first thing that happens in the 1st second is Midnighter becomes aware of Madara's capabilities via the Battle Computer:

"My Card..."

Middy presents his teammate his card so that Madara is aware of what Midnighter's battle computer. Here's another example of the countless times his battle computer is mentioned:

No Caption Provided

Mind you that the Battle Computer is more broken than this per se but this is just to give an idea of what it does. So through my Mind Link Perk, Madara will benefit from the different ways and scenarios that gets chosen from Midnighter. So in a sense, it's like Midnighter will understand what your possible strat is through the battle computer. Another thing that the Mind Link Perk will provide for Madara is the use of Doors, a way to teleport anywhere on Earth. Here is an example of how and what Doors look like:

A thing to notice as well is how two Doors were open at the same time so more than one Door could be called upon
A thing to notice as well is how two Doors were open at the same time so more than one Door could be called upon

Doors have some versatile ways that they can be used but this a good start to what they accomplish for those whom use them. I can get more in detail with these two abilities of Middy but I can do more later if needed or requested. Mink Link also provides conscious awareness with my two characters in that both are aware of what the other is thinking, seeing, etc.

Alright let's do some quick stats breakdown for Midnighter:

Physical lifting/striking

Midnighter ain't about hitting things and blowing up a city block or environmental damage. It involves hitting people below him and get splattered or damaging people above his class.

So let's start with a basic one of Middy kicking a steak through someone's head and snapping a neck by hitting it with a table cloth like if he was in some high school locker room

No Caption Provided

This is on the lower end but just to show precision with how Middy attacks his opponents. Let's keep going

Midnighter (2015) issue #4
Midnighter (2015) issue #4

chopping a superhuman "vampire" head in half

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2
Midnighter (2015) issue #6

We see again what basic throws Midnighter accomplishes by throwing a fork straight through the head of a clone of Multiplex and then after closing that distance slices the neck of another with his bare hand.

There's plenty more but let's stop by kicking it up a notch with this

New 52 Stormwatch #15
New 52 Stormwatch #15

We see Midnighter deck Apollo in the face and grounding him despite Midnighter not wanting to hit him.


Other than Midnighter being able kick ass and chew bubblegum with his strikes, Midnighter is damn fast

No Caption Provided

From Midnighter's first issue, we get a known glimpse of the speed Middy has. Effortlessly dodging a blast fired from a high tech weapon while also mentioning he fully geared himself so fast that nobody saw him do it despite being dressed in civilian clothing and being in their full view, presenting casual FTE speeds.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

The first scan is from the same issue where Midnighter puts a fork through a multiplex clone's head and chops another clone's neck with his hand. We see Midnighter do his thing and casually saves his boy toy from sniper fire while jumping over furniture to reach his boyfriend. What the 2nd scan shows is the distance that the sniper was being shot to give a clear picture of the speed of the projectiles.

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

Here we get a glimpse of how Midnighter moves at such casual FTE speeds that the man pointing a gun directly at his temperal lobe can't understand how someone can move so fast. We also see what Midnighter's bones are made of and another explanation of the battle computer

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3

In these scans, we see some noticeable things. In the 1st scan, we see Midnighter kick Parasite to knock its teeth out. Middy effortlessly dodging a blast from Harley Quinn while she claims it's hard to touch Middy. Middy then proceeds to throw a tooth hard enough to practically one shot Quinn. In the next scans, we see just how much Floyd is treated like trash when against Midnighter. Middy dodges all of Deadshot's gunfire like it was nothing. We see how Midnighter claims to run a million scenarios for every round that gets chambered so you can imagine how much the Battle Computer was being used and Middy is checking every scenario. Middy gets hit with 1 bullet but Midnighter let that happen.


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Midnighter (2015) issue 7

I'll just use this showing for now. This is Midnighter going up against Big Bad Prometheus (Costanza). What we learn about Prometheus is that he downloads the skill of the top 30 fighters on DC Earth including Midnighter himself. But we also know that Midnighter wasn't in his top form. His enhancements were messed up, no battle computer and he was wounded prior as well. So what happens? Midnighter in the end kicks Prometheus ass despite being in a huge disadvantage via being very highly impaired of everything.

This is only a little glimpse of Midnighter's capabilities so I'll dive very deeply into what this monster of a character is capable of later as this keeps going for however long. Now onto my next character I've chosen

I'd reckon most people would know who Madara Uchiha is. One of the main antagonists of Naruto who actually accomplished his purpose of launching the Infinite Tsukuyomi until he was thrown to the side like he was Vegeta. This version of Madara is composite before absorbing the Juubi so hopefilly this won't be that long of a post. Let's commence.

Physical Capabilities/General Power:

Let's go ahead and start with the introduction of Madara Uchiha with him vs the Shinobi Alliance

Easily of the best moments not just for Madara but in the series that was done very, very well. We see one of the things Madara do, along with Muu, is effortless dodge Gaara's sand. Gaara's sand is particularly fast seeing how Gaara can intercept a pissed off 4th Raikage before his leg was lost due to MS Sasuke's amateratsu. After that, we see Madara making fools of the Shinobi Alliance in Taijutsu alone. Some cool things to notice:

  • around 1:23, Madara is sending Shinobi flying by just running straight through
  • at 1:32, we see Madara be a fat boi send shinobi flying again by just jumping in their vicinity.
  • At 1:42, we see how Madara is actively using his Sharingan in his fight.
  • around 2:00, they couldn't sneak up on Madara through the ground while Madara is fighting other Shinobi
  • 2:12: Using Genjutsu

there's more Madara did there but these examples are just some things Madara was doing by just casually wrecking the Shinobi Alliance. Some of the Jutsu done there I'll touch on in the next section despite me saying Madara used Genjutsu kek. Let's continue by showing some speed:

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In the first scan, we see Madara casually dodge Mei's jutsu which is cool but the much more impressive part comes right after in that we see in the last panel of the first scan Madara notice a fist about to connect to his face. In the next scan, we Madara react fast enough to put his arms around his face and block Ay's blitz though he's still launched backwards. Ay is considered one of the fastest characters in Naruto of characters around his level with the one to truly surpass him until a certain point in the War Arc was Minato. To understand some of his speed, we gotta see a point in Naruto where speed makes a considerable boost via Itachi reacting to Kirin:

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What happens here is Sasuke forms the cumulonimbus clouds via his fire jutsu to take advantage of the lightning created in the clouds to use as his own. We see that Zetsu says that lightning strikes down at 1/1000th of a second, or millisecond for short. We see Itachi clearly looking at Kirin even as Sasuke launches it down and strikes at Itachi and practically obliterating the Uchiha Hideout and the hill as well. What happens after all this?

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Itachi stands up claiming that if it weren't for Susanno, Itachi would've been done for. Some crazy things to consider:

  1. Itachi's Susanno protected him from Kirin so that in itself is a good durability feat.
  2. Neither Sasuke or Zetsu saw Itachi even pull up a Susanno so this reinforces the idea of Itachi reacting to it
  3. Itachi was nowhere near 100% and I mean nowhere near. Itachi has been dying from internal sickness, been injured during his fight with Sasuke and his Mangekyo Sharingan was on the verge of giving Itachi blindness. There's also the fact using Susanno gives strain on the user. In otherwords:

Itachi reacted to Kirin , which can be put at bare minimum high triple digit mach to low quad mach depending on the height used for the clouds which can range from 1,500 to 3,000 feet near the lower end, while Itachi was practically shaking hands with the Grim Reaper due to being that close to death.

So why does this matter? Cause the Sasuke who fought Itachi received a considerable upgrade when awakening the Mangekyo himself after his fight and became more powerful. Awakening the sharingan and its variants provide a considerable boost. An example is when Sasuke awakened the three tomoe sharingan against Naruto in Part 1 which I will post later. But onto Ay:

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We can see some of the impressive things Ay does with his speed. Ay is recognized as fast from the getgo. We see how the sharingan isn't able to keep up Ay as well as Ay being compared to Minato in speed. We see Ay return back to hit Jugo after being caught off guard by a point blank blast from Jugo. Next we see Ay casually dodge an attempted blitz from Sasuke. Right after, Sasuke ends up actually piercing through Ay successfully when both attempt to get each other but in Sasuke's case, he succeeded due to use his Chidori, especially since Chidori amps Sasuke's speed up in coherent with his sharingan. For example:

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This is Ay when he switches up his speed. Ay switched it up upon seeing the Mangekyo appear in Sasuke's eyes. We then see Sasuke attempt to use Amaterasu to take down Ay but Ay effortlessly dodges it. Impressive thing about Amaterasu is that it's considered undodgeable, or rather compared to Kirin by Sasuke so obviously not undodgeable, but considered very fast nonetheless since it lights ablaze with one's line of sight and Sasuke's perception is top notch at this point but it was fodderized by Ay. Even Sasuke can't physically keep up with him at this point.

So in Madara's case, knowing just who Madara is and possessing a Mangekyo Sharingan (or rather EMS), really impressive for Madara.

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However here, Madara was hit here due to Onoki making Ay lighter to amp his speed so imagine the Ay that fought MS Sasuke being amped per se. And a thing to note: Madara wasn't taking the Kage seriously for a majority of their fight. Madara has more speed but since this was lengthy, I'll leave it as is for this section since this was quite a bit but Madara has more speed feats I'll use later


Madara Uchiha has a plethora of versatility under his belt so let's get started with an Uchiha regular with Fire Release.

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These are the scans from this his Majestic Destroyer Flame that are also from his fight against the Shinobi Alliance. We get a glimpse of how powerful Madara's jutsu is when he releases a huge fire jutsu that required like a dozen Jonin to just halt it with their water jutsu. This also shows wide range as well so it would be harder to dodge

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Here Madara shot out fire in more compressed fireballs shaped like dragon heads that were capable of really burning Tsunade's arms that only kept it from getting worse due to her 100 healing jutsu which is a powerful healing factor that allows her to survive attacks that would cause her death or very severe injuries. This is a start so let's continue with more via his Wood Release:

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Madara has the ability to use the Kekkei Genkai Wood Release, an ability that was only used by Hashirama Senju. People like Danzo and Yamato used it due to the DNA of Hashirama but Hashirama was the best at it due to his sheer power and reserves he had. Madara can use it to almost the same extent due to his own powerful chakra and reserves but let's show how powerful:

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We see Madara using Deep Forest Emergence and Bloom in that he can create a forest instantly. This is to show the scope of Madara's power and how he can instantly rechange the battlefield, especially since shinobi are well suited to environments like Forests that is like a pseudo-comfort zone. And this isn't just ordinary wood that can be destroyed like it's nothing as it has impressive durability feats of its own.

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We see a tsunami of Narutos hold back Deep Forest Emergence by bombarding it with continuous Giant Rasengans but even then it just holds it back at best.

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Wood Release can be made potent enough to allow it to completely tank Bijuu Bombs from Kurama and Bijuu Bombs from other Bijuu considered weaker than Kurama can completely eradicate mountains. This is Hashirama of course but this type of power can relate to Madara as you'll see later. Now let's get to one of Madara's most powerful jutsu that was such an astonishing moment when he presented its full form but alas the Susanno

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The Susanno is only awakened and used by people who have two Mangekyo Sharingan (though Madara appears to be the exception cause Madara). It's an avatar, pertained to be the ultimate combo of offense and defense, manifested from the users Chakra to show different levels of form and power. You should've seen an earlier example from me showing Itachi using Susanno to survive the blast from Sasuke's Kirin that completely leveled the Uchiha Hideout and the large hill it was on to rubble. Remember that this was a Susanno from a weakass, deadass, blindass Itachi and here we got Madara Uchiha who is in another league entirely. So let's present some of the forms Susanno can take that provides Madara with plentiful defense and offense.

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Here we see just the ribcage of Susanno tank a Giant Rasengan from Naruto after Madara was pushed into it by Onoki.

Here we see Madara sending shockwaves by slamming his swords and sending shinobi flying.

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Here we see his Susanno not getting scratched by Ay's attack and withstanding Mei's lava jutsu for a time before it started to melt.

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Tsunade goes to punch Madara and only manages to crack part of the ribcage. Tsunade has some of the craziest striking power for someone of her tier, especially since she's stronger than Ay. We also see his ribcage take Mei's water dragon jutsu as well which can do this:

It's destroying debris of the moon falling at Earth at high speeds. In the last scan, Onoki makes Ay heavier in the last second to increase his strength and Tsunade hitting the ribcage on the opposite side to finally break the ribcage.

Now let's get to his best Susanno: The Perfect Susanno:

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The Perfect Susanno is overall the ultimate form or final form of the Susanno taking an appearance and size completely different from its other versions. Upon seeing it, the 5 kage were paralyzed by the power of Madara upon revealing the PS. The first thing he does is destroy the meteor Madara summoned, which I'll post later, and bisect the mountains in the distance with the shockwaves of just unsheathing the PS sword. So direct contact with the sword is of course more powerful


Let's start with the Sharingan, one of the top 3 dojutsu along the byakugan and the rinnegan in Naruto. The sharingan grants and provides its users some capabilities that is universal among sharingan users with the only exception being specific powers granted to certain users like Obito with Kamui and Itachi with Amaterasu. Madara doesn't really have something like this quite possibly due to less exposure (?) but we know his Sharingan is still very powerful due to Madara himself being powerful. But to say what it can be capable of:

  • The sharingan allows one to be able to see Chakra, which is comprised of physical and spiritual energy. Users of the sharingan can see the Chakra within people and even through most types of obstacles
  • The perception of one who uses the sharingan is increased highly increased. This allows them a sort of precognition to help anticipate moves beforehand like so:
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Like I mentioned earlier and much earlier in my post about the sharingan, this is when Sasuke awakened the three tomoe sharingan which allowed him to anticipate Naruto's moves beforehand. Before awakening three tomoe, Naruto blitzed him like a speedster yet awakening another tomoe completely turned the tables. Madara has EMS which is in another league entirely.

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Here we see Deidara unleash his C4 Kakura is a jutsu so small that it's invisible to the human eye since it's on a cellular level yet due to Sasuke's sharingan, it was as clear as day to him. Just for another point of fact:

No Caption Provided

They're practically invisible but the sharingan can see it clear as day. Now that we got some of the Sharingan out of the way, let's move onto what is considered the ultimate Dojutsu of the three and main series of Naruto:

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The rinnegan is a very powerful dojutsu, a dojutsu that's the evolved version of the Sharingan, in that it originated from the Sage of Six Paths himself, the eyes of a God. The rinnegan provides its users with a plethora of powers, or Paths, so let's dive in

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Let's have a quick look on some perception feats for Onion Eyes. We see in the first scan of how Pain can see the sensory barrier around Konoha, before invading Konoha like a Thug, which is invisible to eyesight. The second one shows just how the rinnegan allows one to see chakra, including Senjutsu which is just nature energy that is collected from the world around them like the terrain or atmosphere. So not even invisibility can conceal away from the view of a Sharingan or Rinnegan. Now onto the Paths, or more relevant ones at least, of the Rinnegan:

Human Path:

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The Human Path allows the one to read the memories of those it places its hands on whoevers head as well as absorbing their soul.

Naraka Path:

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The relevant part of this Path is that it can bring others back to life so any serious injury can be reversed using this path.

Deva Path:

Considered the most powerful of the Paths, this allows the user to manipulate gravitational forces which include attraction and repulsion. To show the power of it, Bansho Ten'in to attract and Shinra Tensei to repulse, let's look at the Deva Path used to completely destroy Konoha and obliterate it:

Pain leaves a massive crater when destroying Konoha. Pain is massively weaker than Madara as well as Nagato, the actual user of the Rinnegan though not massively. Another ability of the Deva Path is the Chibaku Tensei:

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It's a small black sphere that possesses powerful gravitational pulls that completely tears up the terrain to create a massive meteorite

Madara has his own type of version in which he can summon meteors with Tengai Shinsei:

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An awesome moment in Naruto to grasp the power that Madara has when he uses this in conjunction with his Susanno to summon a massive meteor. Onoki had to put everything he had to stop that one meteor and to give you an idea of Onoki's power:

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Uses the same lightened boulder jutsu to allow him to lift up an Island so large, it was indistinguishable to actual land even with Onoki flying in the air. Yet when Madara summoned another meteor, Onoki was so overwhelmed he was completely injured despite Gaara helping him with his abundance of sand. The tremors of the 2nd meteor was enough that it was felt in a different country away in the Shinobi Alliance HQ.

In regards to other, I'll show his Gunbai:

No Caption Provided

Being a very versatile weapon at his disposal, this weapon allows Madara to redirect attacks back at their users like BM Naruto's compressed Bijuu Bomb or when Obito reflected back KCM Naruto's rasengan. This has also allowed him to cut the roots of the Shinju Tree as well in which Tobirama and Naruto himself have had difficulty cutting through them.


There were somethings that caught my attention like claiming Gil is able to mold Adamantium into a ridiculous amount of weaponry or saying he's near light speed in movement and getting him for such a low point cost but alas this'll continue in the later posts in which I'll let you say how many posts we got. I still haven't shown everything like yourself so hopefully this didn't make you lose interest since I took forever and a half to do. But to finish up:

  • Madara also has Kurt's teleportation so he'll be even faster than what I haven't fully shown yet
  • Midnighter also has flight and invisibility so he'll be harder to find since he'll have much better mobility, especially with what I haven't shown yet
  • Madara knows the battlefield completely so it'll play to an advantage with that one hour prep
  • My team will know everything your team can and will do before the first twitch is done when the fight starts.
  • I can make the Earth my entire battlefield as well with Doors and/or Kurt's teleportation.
  • From what I've seen here, both of my characters have the potential to one shot.

Alright the ball is in your court:

No Caption Provided

P.S.: this might be a little messy since I just wanted to get a post in and keep you from waiting. Also let me know if anything is missing or broken please :)

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