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150 Sentinels(The Ones from the future) come to kill off the Avengers at the compound. The Sentinels know everything about the avengers like they did the X-Men. The Avengers start off with Cap, Thor, and Tony but eventually get the entire team from Endgame. Who wins the war?

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The Sentinels literally stomp them all, it would be a massacre. The only ones that could do anything would probably be Scarlett Witch, Captain Marvel, and Thor. The Asgardians have a shot to make it interesting at least because of their strength and durability. Giant Man and Hulk could do something as well. But at the end of the day, 150 Sentinels would be too much. You can’t really destroy them especially when they adapt.

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150 sentinels isn't that bad no mutants to copy and absolutely no counter to stormbreaker if they copied powers for the sake of the battle.

However I doubt they could copy powers from infinity gems Wanda would wreck them

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@thecapstrikes: Can they adapt to non mutants ? They never did so we can’t say yes. Even the adapted ones weren’t that impressive. Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, Resque, Carol can all solo. As far as i remember sentinels didn’t have feats required to put them down and were getting destroyed by explosions.

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15 would stomp let alone 150

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Hero army stomps.

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Fox sentinels would be treated as fodder.

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Sentinels get destroyed. They are strong, but overrated (they aren't taking on the entire army with those numbers). The X-Men they defeated either weren't that impressive or caught off guard glass cannons and all the sentinels were designed to counter Magneto and Xavier's powers by default. They haven't been shown to adapt to non-mutant powers and can be defeated easily at base levels by MCU heavy hitters. They get overrun.

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@rebake: There are no non-powered mutant powers in the Foxverse so they couldn’t really have those feats could they? Nothing about their adapting showed it depended on the X-gene of the attacker, especially since they adapted to fire and ice.

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@rebake: I don’t remember seeing a sentinel get destroyed, are they vulnerable?

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Can the Sentinels even mimic non-mutant powers?

I think the Thanos' army could win either way.

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Fat Thor solos

He gives them outriders treatment

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Avengers stomp. Sentinels cant adapt to non mutants

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Avengers stomp. Sentinels cant adapt to non mutants

^^^ They may only adapt to Wanda because i expect them to reveal she's a mutant when the X-Men roll into the MCU.

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As the Sentinels have only been shown and implied to adapt to mutant powers, the Avengers could take this.

The Sentinels are very durable and dangerous, but the Avengers have a lot of heavy hitters to take them down. There would probably be many casualties for the Avengers though

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Depends if they can adapt to non-Mutants.

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They win

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What kind of weapons do the sentinels have that would enable them to hurt someone like Iron man, Thor and Hulk?

I don't think they can adapt to non-mutant powers too.

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@rebake: I don’t remember seeing a sentinel get destroyed, are they vulnerable?

They were being shot apart by the one mutant in the beginning of DOFP and several were destroyed when Storm and Mags blew exploded the plane. They are vulnerable to extensive force.

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Thor and anyone on his level stomp them

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If they can adapt to non mutant powers then they stomp.

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Giant man can take half of them, rest are fodders.

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Wanda solos. Strange solos. Thor solos.

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yeah changed my mind avengers has this