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Poll: 10,000 Uruk-Hai charge the White Walkers: What happens? (16 votes)

They die immediately 31%
They survive for a while and fight back 31%
They achieve victory 38%

Their weapons are on fire

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#1 Posted by UltraShaggy (1196 posts) - - Show Bio

Uruk hai army with flaming weapond ? They beat the undead army and the night king , and qonquer winterfell , lol.

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Uruk hai are probably superior in every way.

They have super speed and stamina (were able to outrun Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli, 3 characters with above peak human physicals running for their lives without sleep, rest or food and even gain distance on them.

Superhuman durability and pain tolerance, can tank several shots fro Legolas's bow even without armour and keep running. One of the Uruks Aragorn fought kept fighting even after his entire arm was cut off.

Because of their cross-breed are immune to classic weaknesses of the orcs like elven weapons or sunlight.

Have enough super-strength to one shot a Rohan warrior in full armour with one punch and cut through several armoured elves with one swing.

Were shown to be decently trained in CQC with their swords and pikes, in sieges with a variety of weaponry and technology, and even marksmanship with their bows / crossbows / balistae.

Have incredibly advanced and powerful gear. Which include a variety of short-mid-long distance weaponry like mentioned broadswords, large anti-cavalry pikes, large anti-archery shields and plate armours with full head helmets, as well as bows, crossbows, war machines balistae and explosive mines, and siege equipment like ladders, battering rams etc.

Sadly White Walkers look like a joke compared to Uruk Hai army. To defeat said army of 10,000 Uruk Hai it took an undefeated Fortress like Helms Deep with hundreds of defenders on board to slow them down, a bunch of heroes to save the day such as Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas or Gandalf, massive support of a small army of elves, Eomer's cavalry like of a few thousand+ riders, and a backup of an army of Huorn. I really don't think White Walkers are an equivalent of all that and can repeat that feat. Not even close.

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How is this not a mismatches? There was about 40,000 dothraki that charged and died quite easily. The number of undead was far far greater than the Dothraki that charged.

This army is way too small.

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The pikes they carry is going to be the saving grace. They can fight better at night more than any other human present. They got the bomb sarumon gave them that will destroy hordes of them, yeah some of them are probably going to die yet they can do it. If some of the heroes can take tab wounds and keep fighting the the Urik Hai can too.

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@n7elite: what pikes? It says they're charging in to the dark night at the wight army.

All they have to see is flaming weapons, they do have enhanced vision at night but still.

There's about 200,000-300,000 of the dead and also, not all dead are equal. Some mighty be weak, some are very strong, punching through stone to escape coffins and punching through thick wooden doors to grab Hoder.

Iirc, 40,000 Dothraki charged at the dead and just all died. There are just way too many dead, and again, some have superhuman strength compared to others.

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@bearderby: honestly, there was way more than 100,000 dead. Do you remember how many dothraki there were? I think it was 40,000. That didn't even make up a quarter of the dead that filled the Battlefield.

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#8 Posted by slimj87d (15680 posts) - - Show Bio

@undefined: wait... Do your mean the wights... Or the white walkers? There's a difference...

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#9 Posted by Jack_Hart (945 posts) - - Show Bio

White Walkers stomp. Their numbers advantage is too much.

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#10 Posted by miekskywalker (2476 posts) - - Show Bio

These guys are heavily armoured and strong they would be able to shield charge them.

Unlike the dothraki poorly armoured bad choice of weapon for a charge

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#11 Posted by lgh0stl (1335 posts) - - Show Bio

uruk hai needs valerian pike to make this fair . . . white walkers weapon shatters weapon in contact

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While the Urukhai are impressive, 10k vs 100k is a big numbers disadvantage. Even with Valyrian spears I see them losing. They take out a TON of wights though

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#14 Posted by cpt_nice (10044 posts) - - Show Bio

@bearderby: What indicates there are that many white walkers? We only ever saw the horse mounted ones, the ones you call "generals"

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They get rolled over in a zombie tsunami, no chance against that numbers disparity.

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The Uruk Hai are more skilled and if they have flaming swords they can take out many but the White Walkers and the Wights outnumber them so it can go either way in my opinion.