10 of you Vs Anderson Silva in his prime

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Standard UFC rules 10 of you takes place in the octagon can you do it

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I think 10 of me is too many. Given it’s in an octagon I think I could dog pile him.

However he could probably vaporize like 3-4 of me.

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I'd still lose lol given that I have no fighting experience and a single punch from him will probably knock me tf out

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Even under UFC rules, there's no way he's beating 10 at once. I'd be generous and say he might beat 6 of me, but 10 is way too much.

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Op never stated perfect teamwork :)

Knowing myself, at least half would try to improvise. At least 5 of the 10 try to use jumping kicks, e.g., jumping Tornado kick, jumping round house kick, jumping double front kick. Unfortunately this backfires, since the initial plan was to surround him work together tactically. When Silva ducks down the 5 that jumped simply render each other unconscious or otherwise unable to fight.

At least 2 would simply be too shocked to move, after seeing such a colossal mistake. They are quickly dealt with, because they were not prepared to handle Silva kicking their shins, in quick succession. They go down. Silva KO's the two while the final three are arguing among themselves, trying to pin the blame for such poor planning on each other (it's rare but I can be like that on bad days).

One tries to be a sacrificial pawn (because I could be a nice guy), hoping to give the other two a chance to strike while Silva is distracted, but the one was stupidly underestimating Silva (that 1 might also have acted with little planning done, it is a recurring problem I have) . By the time the two formulated a plan, they were the only 2 of the 10 that were conscious.

The final 2 play a game of cat and mice with Silva, only attempting to approach when the other is in a precarious situation, in order to strike at Silva from a blind spot. When my luck fails me (and it does very often), one of them gets struck and is instantly knocked out. The last one is smart enough to see a hopeless case, but is not willing to just give up (could be very stubborn) he rushes at Silva (and impatient) only to get beaten senseless by Silva.