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Posted by Jpgman (75 posts) 6 years, 8 days ago

Poll: Which of these animated Batman series would you watch? (Multiple choice) (65 votes)

Batman: Gotham Crusaders 88%
Batman & Robin 25%
"Hirschfeld Batman" 5%
Spaghetti Gotham 6%

Batman: Gotham Crusaders

Batman & Robin

"Hirschfeld Batman" (as I like to call it)

Spaghetti Gotham

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#1 Posted by ULTRAstarkiller (9130 posts) - - Show Bio

Gotham Crusaders looks like the best Batman show in history.

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Well, its hard to tell since you only showed us the art without any info on tone or story. Based on art, Gotham Crusaders.

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@ultrastarkiller said:

Gotham Crusaders looks like the best Batman show in history.

Looks like the messiest one to me

I mean constantly changing the cast through seasons? Talk about annoying

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Crusaders, obviously, but season six should take less design elements from the New 52. If Beware the Batman was more like this Bat,an & Robin, I'd be more optimistic.

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@jpgman O ya I think you'll like this

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@rdclip said:

Well, its hard to tell since you only showed us the art without any info on tone or story.

Well, that pretty much is the point lol

None of these shows will ever get made so it's fun to fantasize based on concept art alone

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@ultrastarkiller: That... actually looks pretty awesome. Reminds me of Batman: Gotham Knight, except cooler

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#8 Posted by longbowhunter (9425 posts) - - Show Bio

Gotham Crusaders looks amazing! B&R would have potential as well.

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I'd watch the s### out of Crusaders.

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I was going to pick the first one but the Batman & Robin looks cool especially those pictures with Clay face chasing Robin, it looked like it would look really cool and be action packed.

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#11 Posted by Jpgman (75 posts) - - Show Bio

The author also said that other characters like Huntress and Red Hood would be in the show as well, if it was real. And Superman would appear in the first season

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id watch all of them.

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Ummm..the first one?

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I'd watch them all but if I have to choose one its a tie between Crusaders and B&R but as Damian is on the former one I've voted Crusaders.

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#15 Posted by thejman251 (437 posts) - - Show Bio

- Well crap.

- I voted for B&R before i saw the photos however, the only one i would watch would be Crusaders given the animation shown.

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Batman & Robin without a doubt, it's like they took the idea right out of my head, when I heard that Beware The Batman was gonna use some of Morrison's villains I couldn't help but wonder why didn't they just built the whole show upon his run, with a Batman & Robin show featuring Damian, then I realized that they probably went with Katana to pave the way for Outsider centered storylines (being that there's already concept art for Metamorpho and rumors about Black Lightning and Creeper), so who knows, maybe the show will end up renaming itself to "Batman & The Outsiders" down the road. And I know that the Robin shown in those concept art isn't Damian (at least I don't think it's him), but still, it would be nice seeing a show focusing on the dynamic of the Dynamic Duo... (ba dum tsss)

Also, for me, no to Gotham Crusaders, for now and forever, in all honesty, I don't think many of you realize that the movies and cartoon adaptation of comics are just that, adaptations, they are not bound to follow the source material step by step, like it or not, they have to take liberties upon it, why would I want to watch 6 cartoon seasons of the history of the Bat-Family when I already know it? where's the fun in seeing something that I already know?, sure, now it's animated, and it sure can work, I mean, almost all of the DC Animated Movies are just comics in animated form, but there's a reason why it's only done in animated movies (for the most part), well, a number of reasons, and I'll do my best to elaborate on this.

The point of the animated movies based on a particular comic book storyline is to expierence said story in a whole different way, we're not only seeing the same pictures we saw on paper but now moving, we're able to emerse ourselves more in that story, the animation, the sound, the voices, all of it are things that the comic book medium cannot give us, giving us a bigger reason to see the animated movie, even if we already know the story that it's telling. But this is still a doulbe edged sword, being that it's a 1 hour, hour and a half long movie, obviously not every element of the story will fit, so the story won't really be complete, but this is besides the point, I only mentioned this because it's really the biggest downside that the animated movies like the DC ones have, and even though Gotham Crusaders would have to throw in 20+ years of Batman stories in 6 seasons I think it would still pull it off, obviously it won't be coplete, like any adaptation, but it would still pull it off. But if that's the only real downside, then why wouldn't I want a show like Gotham Crusaders? I mean, I enjoy the DC Animated Movies, and I obviously love the Batman mythology, so why wouldn't I want to see the stories that I love in a whole different way?, well, that's because I would still be seeing stories that I already know, but this wouldn't just be an hour and a half movie, this would be a whole freaking show, and the worst part would be that I already know exactly where the show's gonna go. People have to realize that the cartoons and movies based on cartoons are a chance to take a departure from what we see in the comics, in other words, take them as Elseworlds (thing that many people do, but there's always a suprising amount of people going like "ZOMG Y IS DIS DIFRENT WTF!!11!"), that's why I like studios to be creative with the material and take chances, whether they pull it off or not is one thing, but at least they tried, so, y'know, #respect. And with cartoons especially, with movies you always have to be somewhat closer to the comic book counterparts being that in many cases the companies want to use the movies as a means to get people interested in comics, so they have to resemble the comics to a certain level, so the viewer who watched the movie doesn't get confused when he picks up a comic about a superhero he saw on the big screen (that's why I didn't really liked the whole black gut playing Johnny Storm thing, but I digress). But cartoons are different, being that they are more long term and they don't have the same pressure that the movies have when it comes to getting new people interested in comics, I mean, obviously they help, and that's why they should still resemble their source material, but the movies are the ones who really need to stick closer to the comics (though they're still gonna have differences with the comics, remember, adaptations), so with cartoons you could pretty much go crazy if you wanted to, and that's what I expect to an extent, I want fresh ideas that I couldn't get in comics, I don't want the same stories I've already read, and even worse, watered down stories. Having said that, I think I'd even prefer Hirschfeld Batman and Spaghetti Batman before Gotham Crusaders...

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Batman:Gotham Crusaders but Spaghtetti Gotham looks really funny.

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#18 Posted by Veshark (10499 posts) - - Show Bio

Gotham Crusaders, since it's the most comic-accurate. Though honesty, I'm kinda sick of Batman shows.

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i love the look of crusaders but if i were a studio i would pick batman and robin mainly due the constant changing of cast plus of season 5 and 6 depending on how you got rid of bruce i don't think you could kill him on kids tv (i know the killed wally but i think we can agree he was gona come back) to be honest i would say drop season 6 all together it seems confusing that you are bring Barbara back to being batgirl after 3 years so yea i think batman and robin would be a good shout then you could slowly bring more charecters in like batgirl and the likes sort of how they did in "the batman" but all the shows look good thanks for sharing them

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They all look good, but Gotham Crusaders gets my vote

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Hirschfield looks fun

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The first and the last one...both look amazing...the last one should be a funny one...

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@ssbm: could use the idea that bane broke his back and asks Dick Grayson to take the mantle for that season. and the period from season 5 to 6 can be a year or two of recuperation for Bruce to return. but i agree having her go away for three seasons then returning is strange. Maybe have her get shot in the first season. (or as a cartoon would show it: Joker enters, Barbara jumps infront of Jim to stop bullet. joker shoots and the sceen flashes.... shows Barbara in hospital bed with jim crying over her. Then batman enters via window, he and jim with a great relationship, he tells Jim about Barbara being batgril (sincerely of course) and jim says "GET OUT" and after he leaves uses the quote from TDK "I will hunt you..I will fight you ..yada yada" ect. lol which sets a good story for the first season with Jim knowing batman is good but wants to hunt him for what happened to her. Lol i think that sounds like a good series... hell maybe even a pilot episode!! screw Beware The Batman.

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#25 Posted by ViperKing (424 posts) - - Show Bio

If only there was actually a show called Batman: Gotham Crusaders and Batman & Robin. I would definitely watch those shows, but the other two look like they're for toddlers.

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I would love to see a show based on TDKT or some spinoff comics.

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all these shows look a hundred times better than beware the batman and even the nolan movies

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Is Gotham Crusaders even a real show?

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Base of animation Batman: Gotham Crusaders plus I like the concept it would give other members of the Bat family a moment in the spot light.

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@jpgman O ya I think you'll like this

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

The one with Sailor Moon and Batman facing evil!!!!

Screw the Justice League Movie, The Goddamn Batman and Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

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Batman & Robin for me. I thought the animation in Beware the Batman was solid.

The cast would always be changing in Gotham Crusaders and the art style is quite dull. Holy knee caps, Batman!

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Gotham Crusaders followed by Batman & Robin the other two don't interest me.

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The complaints for Gotham Crusaders are ridiculous.

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Only Gotham Crusaders sorry.

I don't really like the look of Batman and Robin and I don't think I am the target audience for Spaghetti Gotham.

The Batman re-design thing if it got good reviews :D

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Only Gotham Crusaders

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@undefined: batman and robin, or spahetti gotham look GREAT!!!

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Gotham Crusaders has a changing Cast because the story is moving forward!!! This is based on the whole life of the Bat Family from the incorporation of Dick into it until the very latest member being Damian Wayne (Don't even mention Duke...He does not exist in this perfect world)...These characters will continue to exist in the upcoming seasons as well but there will be less of a focus on them..Like near finale of season 2, Barbara gets crippled and the spotlight turns off from her...She will still be there in season 3 but there will be a new Batgirl who will be getting more screentime than her..I think this was done so that each character gets justice and the plot doesn't get too convoluted..I think Jason will die and come back as Red Hood in the later seasons..I would really like to see how Red Hood is handled by Damian and not Dick Grayson like in the Under The Hood Movie..

TBH, I will watch Gotham Crusaders no matter what and the others if I have time..

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Crusaders but you lost me with Damian. I really really hate that kid.