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My personal favorite is the classic 1998 logo:

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All of them except the Batman and Robin one.

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@vikings said:

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This is definitely the most iconic... and also my favorite. But why is it dated 1998?

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Arkham one and current one. I also like the Batman inc one.

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@xwraith said:

@vikings said:

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This is definitely the most iconic... and also my favorite. But why is it dated 1998?


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92's 98's and the one from TDK trilogy

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66's 98's and 09's

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I can't pick just one. Different symbols on the suit make me think of different times in Batman’s history. Different artists can make different symbols look really cool. Some look great as symbols but look like crap on the bat suit.

I like the 98 one as a symbol when used alone but not on the suit. I'm also not crazy about the yellow.

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Battle for the cowl

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The yellow was initially to draw attention. It would draw in the eyes and the idea was that it would act as a distraction, and hopefully prevent bullets being shot at his face, but at his chest. I agree though, it didn't look as great on the suit. I'm also a fan of the 2003 one.

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1989 Tim Burton's Batman symbol, when ever that first appeared I dunno.

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Beyond, TDK, 1940 and 1970.

I dont like round logos, round figures dont scare people.

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The Batman returns one and the Batman Beyond one

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Love all of those but TDKR, Arkham, Begins, Beyond, GK and Inc. ones are the best IMO.