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Poll: Was DCAU Batman overpowered? (90 votes)

Yes 38%
No 62%

Was DCAU Batman the way he should've been, or did Bruce Timm turn him into a god?

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@deathstroke512 said:

@jeremy1989: Then I hope he keeps using this nerfing powers as long as he is in jla.Makes comic books interesting because they would suck without plot.

As long it doesn't involve PIS/CIS. Or Batman going full BatGod on somebody, I'm fine with that.

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I don’t think he was.

As others have said he was at times in Justice League. Even then if I remember correctly he pretty much would only do that stuff when the league fought the villain so by that point they may have been tired.

As for Batman in The Animated Series and The New Adventures he is not overpowered at all in my opinion. Many of the episodes consisted of him loosing fights, letting the villain get away or getting knocked out. If anything the series kinda made him weak and showed how he had to learn from his mistakes because he always won at the end. The show really emphasized that he is a detective and a fighter and he had to win different fights in different ways.