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This isn't so much about who acted the better part, but more so who was the better villain as a character.

It's a toss up. Joker is incredibly entertaining to watch, while he enacts chaos. However, Bane gives me chills and goosebumps whenever he's on screen, he's that much of a presence.

So, who was the better of the two? Who had a more villanious and malicious impact on the story? Who, overall, had the largest screen presence as a villain, I suppose.

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Joker was far more entertaining to watch, that's for sure. He was funny, insane and unpredictable. Bane was….. meh, and TDKR's story was very predictable unlike TDK.

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Joker stomps.

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This is the way I see it, both villains succeeded in some situations but they both came into Gotham at different times. The impressive thing about Joker is that he took Batman down when he was at his most best, when he was sitting high up on his throne and everyone feared him, and he hit him where he hurts most. Bane, as scary as he seems, came 8 years after Batman quit, at his weakest. And Bruce came back half cocked thinking he could beat anything. The only reason he succeeded a little while was because of Talia's strategy and the league of shadow's reinforcements. I liked Bane, but Joker takes it

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Joker for sure and he was actualy like his comic character unlike Bane who was just a glorified henchman

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Bane was an awesome villian and totally bad a**. Especially his fights with batman. As well as blowing up the football field and the plane scene in the beginning. His only fault was getting shot by Catwoman and dying in a very anticlimactic way. But if you think about it, it makes sense. The movie wasn't about bane, so his death simply wasn't as important. TDK was arguably more about the Joker than batman. But TDKR was about batman and his legacy, not bane. And this is why the joker was better. And heath ledgers acting of course

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Joker was more entertaining, and I like him more..but besides causing some random acts of madness and mayhem..he didn't do much. Bane took the city hostage for an entire winter, broke Batman and became the leader of basically a now convict run city. He was the more accomplished villain. (No one better mention a word about how it was technically all Talia's plan!)

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Joker was extremely unpredictable and entertaining.

Bane was a bad@$$.

Joker wins.

Oh and to all you people saying Bane accomplished more.... Your wrong. Joker got exactly what he was shooting for (plunged the city into fear and chaos and destroyed Bats rep) and Bane got exactly what he shot for (taking Gotham). Sure Bane's goal was bigger but they both accomplished what they set out to do.

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If they just bumped into each other in the streets and had a fist fight, Bane would most definitely win (although joker always caries knifes and all that stuff). But if Joker knew he was going to face bane..... He win.

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I loved Bane but the final twist made him look less impressive, for some reason.

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joker's way better

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@matteopg said:

I loved Bane but the final twist made him look less impressive, for some reason.

making him turn out to be Talia's puppet and figurehead, similar with Hugo Strange and Ra's in Arkham City.

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Joker's plan actually succeeded...Bane's did not. That says it all.

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