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They say Hank Pym is a wife beater because 33+ years ago in the midst of nervous breakdown he hit the Wasp. If hitting her while he wasn't in his right mind makes him a wife beater, then what does that make Batman? Over the years Batman has punched, slapped, kicked and spanked Robin, while he apparently was in his young teen years. Since, Bruce has done that a lot, shouldn't he be labeled a child abuser?

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Yeah but that was way back when

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Nothing better than Bruce giving Dicky a good 'ol spanking.

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Child abuse? Is that what they call disciplining kids nowadays?

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Should look to All Star Batman and Robin if you want some modern Batman abusing Robin. I am not saying this is how Batman actually acts around kids in canon comics. Good god that interpretation deserves to be dragged out back and shot next to the Joker.

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Is not child abuse, i mean Robin could go and tell his parents about it!!!


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batmans greatest enemy is social services

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Yes Batman had molested Dick grayson and jason todd which is why red hood hates batman so much :P

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Not at all.

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@deathpoolthet1000: haha best answer here

If we are being serious here I'd say no not really..batman deals with some serious s*** so if robin can't fall in line and listen he can step off haha just a little tough love(although we could say batman is quite disturbed haha)

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Yes he is that along with a pedophile

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Absolutely, I have been saying this for years.

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@just_sayin: Well it has been retconned out of his history, unlike Antman's history.

Also he isn't a child abuser.

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If not an abuser he's most certainly guilty of roughly 15 billion counts of child endangerment.

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Child endangerment, yes he's definitely guilty of that. But not child abuse, not in-canon. The examples used above are from a three time-retconned continuity; Batman has never abused Robin, not canonically.

The only point in recent decades that Batman has abused Robin is in Frank Miller's All Star Batman & Robin, which is an 'Elseworlds' or Multiverse continuity.

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Yup, Batman is guilty of child abuse, endangerment and neglect.

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Are any of them dead?...Still?

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Im pretty sure he is one in All Star Batman and Robin.

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HAHAHAH! Definitely not a child abuse !!!

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Are any of them dead?...Still?

No one stays dead in the comics.

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Definitely. He sends underage boys in skimpy outfits to fight psychopaths on a nightly basis.