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I've heard several different theories about when Bruce's birthday is. Does anyone have a solid date from a contemporary comic?? Let me know what you think!
Here's some theories/ old birthdates:

  • February 19th (from an old superhero calender apparently).
  • May 27, 1939 ( from Detective Comics #27 when Batman was 'born')
  • Sometime in October (according to Bruce in 'The Batman')
  • Sometime in November (according to Frank Miller)
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@Vespertine: I don't know if 1980 is contemporary enough for you but:
 Detective Comics 494
 Detective Comics 494
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It depends, some time he talk about Batman Birthday, but Bruce i am sure is February 19.

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I thought it was November as well to be honest.
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While the year will not be 1939, it's gonna be May 27 or November.
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I have a theory that every comic character shares one birthday: 29th February.  It explains how they never get older ;)
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I wonder what Batman does for his birthday.
something involving violence or hanging out in a graveyard imagine.
it would be funny if he got wasted and went bar hopping as Batman though.

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@CATMANEXE: The Joker, Riddler, Harley, Ivy all of them go to Batman House and scream SURPRISEEEE!!!!
Then they try to beat him, later they eat cake.
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According to the comics I think it's October

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According to Batman Family Vol 1 11 it is February 19th.

Really problematic is Dick Graysons Birthday since it was changed in nearly every origin story.

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I'm sure Alfred knows.

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Ask his parents.....oh wait.