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i like to give out my thoughts on diversity and how people react to them . eversince spidey was getting a reboot alot of people were suggesting either a black peter or miles morales as their only options and i asked why? they tthink that a black peter should attract audiance when clearly that wouldn't be the case as there would be alot of story potential to peter which fanfic writers thought of better than just making a character black. they even suggested miles to replace peter overall like not just movies but in tv shows. with how far people have taken diversity Miles has become my character i have a love/ hate relationship for. another issue we had is the Iceman coming out as gay storyline which just came out of nowhere. no hint nor any signs of buildup that he was one. just him being gay out of nowhere. alot of people i found on forums were upset about this not because of how it was handled but because of our complaints. no matter how hard we tried to explain ourselves they found it offensive with some people saying it's "realistic", it's "meaningful", etc. even though it's not. then there was the whole Iron ist being white instead of asian rants like they really don't know nor remember that the character has always been white. then there are alot of petitions into giving elsa from Frozen a girlfriend and that givesteverogersaboyfriend(with buckey) and with that one whenever me and everyone else tried to rant about this alot of people got offended no matter how hard we explained ourselves . this got me banned for a bit on CBR and the next one would be a permanent ban they say. i've checked around the forums yesterday and some even complained about not having Northstar instead of Quicksilver like they forget who the character was related to. i would have alot of things to say about them but i can't because i'll get a permanent ban which is also another problem. whenever we have a problem with diversity and how it is handled even how it's ridiculous how people complain about it and how they talk about changing it they really think it's because we've racist and prejudice even though we're obviously not. we're just tired of having the characters changed in the most drastic ways as possible like killing off a character for another character and having that character's entire history and background changed. they use racism as an excuse to overpower us no matter how hard we tried to explain. so i ask you people, are you tired of how diversity is handled and how people respond to you like they're "offended" ?

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This is a very touchy subject where even if words are very carefully said, offense can still be taken. But in my opinion, we all live in America and we have every right to speak our opinion and should be allowed to in a respectful way. With that said, here are my thoughts.

I'm all for diversity. But there are ways to do it without generating a ton of controversy. Some fans will get upset if a beloved character is changed in some form right out of the blue (Iceman for example) without any reason whatsoever. Some fans will get upset if the ethnic background of a beloved character is changed for no plausible reason.

To me, the way to have diversity is by generating as little as possible but still giving everyone what they want as much as possible. For Example: Okay, so if Hollywood wants an Asian Superman then they should do a movie about Kenan Kong AKA the New Super-Man from the comics.

That right there is how to do diversity. Make the character someone else with a different name. Sure, some people might be a bit upset. But it wouldn't be as great if Clark were suddenly Asian. There is no need to change already established characters, just make new ones.

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