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French Canadian entertainment blog Canoe has published an exclusive QMI Agency interview with the Transformers 4 director Michael Bay. He talks about the Transformers production he's working now when he reveals "I designed two hours 7 minutes..." for the fourth film's timeline that could make this the shortest of the Transformers movies yet. It also reveals shooting on the 4th movie will being in Hong Kong in just five weeks. Read the translated article via google.

TORONTO - Michael Bay does not apologize for the length of the movie Transformers and Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon spanning 2:35 minutes. But in an exclusive interview with QMI Agency, Bay said that the next film in the franchise would be shorter.

"I designed two hours 7 minutes, which I think is a good formula, which gives enough room to maneuver." Give he his word? "Surely," said he said.

Shooting begins in five weeks in Hong Kong and will continue to other places in China, Detroit and Chicago. Mark Wahlberg will star and the action takes place several years after the first three films of the franchise.

Why the previous films were they so long? "Because in Transformers, you tell three stories in one, that of humans, the aliens and the robots."

"Also, the films were released in the summer and for this reason have become events. You want to make sure to give the public value for money. "

After Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon, the return of Bay has surprised many. "I've thought about it. But Steven Spielberg was not going to make James Cameron either. The franchise was assigned to a new industry. "

"This person would have to redraw the entire franchise, which is not an easy task. Creating robots alone takes several months to complete. Also, I knew an inexperienced director does not succeed in convincing a superstar to accept a role. That's why I initially convinced Mark (Wahlberg) to play in the film, issue a good start. "


And if you want, here's the untranslated source.