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While toying with the idea of a Wonder Man movie design I realized that Wonder Man's original design was green, had a helmet, and goggles. He was created by Baron Zemo, a leader in Hydra. In the Captain America movies Hydra soldier uniforms were black/green with helmets that looked remarkably like Wonder Man's, and goggles. (Also, the Background I found on google.)

So I had to design him that way. I also added in the other Masters of Evil (although I am sure in the movie they would call themselves something like the Masters of Humanity).

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So, in the film, Hydra agent Dr. Helmut Zemo, a son of Baron Heinrich Zemo who was one of the Red Skull's top scientists. In the idea Odin mysteriously casts Amora the Enchantress and her goon Skurge the Executioner out of Asgard. On Earth Loki has them give Zemo and his scientists two Asgadian artifacts/weapons. Like the Red Skull and his father before him Helmut seeks science through magic. He is tasked with recreating the Super Soldier Serum. He is told these artifacts will do this.

Simon Williams is in jail and his brother Eric, a Hydra scientist working directly under Zemo, convinces Zemo to use his brother as the test subject in order to break him out.

The first Asardian artifact rebuilds each and every cell of Simon's body as Sionic (?) energy. He is as strong as an Asgard, faster and more agile, and heals in seconds. His cuts spark with sionic energy and his eyes and mouth glow with energy too.

The second artifact is the Reaper's arm. Eric is told to wear it. Once on it becomes part of his body and he cannot take it off. They are somehow connected, life and death. Both men cannot die, not exactly, and both men aren't alive, no exactly. They both look human but are now pure Asgardian energy.

Eric begins to go mad, due to the artifact and flees. Simon seemingly dies in battle with the Avengers. (Of coarse he wold either return or not actually die). His later costume would maybe be similar just black and not green. And no helmet, just sunglasses maybe. Amora and Skurge casually abandon the others in battle. And Zemo is left against the Avengers alone.

My Commission Info:

I lowered my prices.

Its $25 for a head sketch to the shoulders in pencil on 11x17 paper.

$50 for a full figure in pencil on 11x17 paper.

$75 for a full colored/cleaned up figure drawn on 11x17.

And add an extra full body colored figure, + $50 per extra figure.

My Commission Email:


I can also draw your own personal characters!

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Awesome! I could see this working really well for the films as long as DC didn't bust a nut over the use of the name Wonder.

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I read it wrong. Thought it said WOnder WOman concept art lol

Looks good anyway!

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It looks cool.

I read it wrong. Thought it said WOnder WOman concept art lol

Looks good anyway!

So did I.

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Looks cool.

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looks cool, the suit is looks noir I like it.

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Wow they look incredible. You are very talented my friend. Keep up the good work.