Wolverine... BUB.

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Some new art I just finished.

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Wooooow...this is great! ^_^

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Ah. Nice!

I have to visit this forum more often.


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Dang...i cant even draw a straight.

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This is pretty sweet!

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Very nice :)

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That's awesome.

It's surprising hoe many extremely talented artist use comic vine

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The legs look a little too big but overall this is fantastic.

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Very nice.

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Thanks everyone! :D appreciate the feedback!

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You are very talented! It looks awesome! I really like how you did the creases. It's tough to have restraint and not go overboard with them.

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You did a great job coloring it

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How have you coloured the drawing? It looks well-done.

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@thedandyman: Thanks!! This is done with cut's and gradients in photoshop:) Not sure how detailed you want me to get. Lol. Btw, I read your "about me" blurb... to the end. Got a good laugh out of it:D

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