Urban Hokage- Hashirama 'Hash' Senju

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This is my urban take on the First Hokage 'Hashirama Senju'

In this scenario, Konoha is a newly founded ghetto community somewhere in the United States. Hashirama 'Hash' Senju has ended the feud between the rival gangs of Senju and Uchiha by forming an alliance with their leader, Madara 'Mad Dog' Uchicha. Konoha is now a place where gang members, relatives and those in poverty can peacefully seek refuge. Or at least thats the dream, as Mad Dog has developed feelings of jealousy towards Hash for his promotion to 'Hokage' which is slang for mayor. He also struggles to live alongside the Senju as Hash's younger brother 'Toby' killed Mad Dog's younger brother 'Izoona' in a drive by shooting