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Erm the picture looks awesome but i am not sure what this is >_>

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Uprising stands for The First: EVO Uprising, the second installation of my science fiction novel series. This is promotional artwork I created to advertise the second book, I just thought I'd share it.

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Looks interesting. If that's fire in that hole in the ground maybe you could have some of its light relfecting off the characters and maybe some sort of heat haze rising from the hole, Also the horizon line seems a little too high in the frame sonsidering nothing much is happening on the ground besides either rocks or grass. Also in promotional art people are mainly drawn to the faces and expressions of the characters but in this image I can barely make out either of your characters faces.

I don't expect you to agree with me but I give my opinion - even, if only - because I have one.

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Thanks for the insight, I'm thinking of doing a whole new pic where you can see the faces. I was really trying to get as close up a scene as possible, but the lanscape was really tough to angle. Still have a lot to learn. I'm might switch scenes to get a closer shot of the faces if this does not work out.