Trying to help a friend who is an amazing drawer

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so, I might be banned or flagged, but i'm taking the risk, i have a friend who is an amazing drawer, he mainly uploads his art on youtube and as u know, youtube doesn't give much credit to an artist of that sort, (revenue system), so this can work for your artist friends aswell. I'm linking an adfly with one of his videos, and i know you will think it's "bs" i'm not gonna lie, i would too ! i will leave a print of his youtube channel aswell with the link on the url. Thank You for the ones who'll help by just waiting 5 seconds and then check the video out, like and subscribe if you enjoy his content, and thank you aswell for all the others for your attention ! I'm sorry if this isn't the right place to do this stuff, and it will be an one time only either i get banned or not, have a great rest of night/day !

adfly :

print youtube :

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Just trying to get your friend more exposition? I thought you were going to have a plan to get him\her a job or something...

Come on, let's do something that would really help your friend.

Ideas anyone?