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Do you love October and Inking and OLD CARTOONS?! Then consider trying the Toontober prompt list.

It's an event that takes place on Tumblr, but I see no reason to why we shouldn't do it on Comicvne as well.

All you have to do is just follow the prompt list however you like as well. The main goal here is to embody the toons of the 1920s-1930s. All the prompts are taken from themes and subjects that are common in old cartoons. You can use your own characters, create new character or use existing characters! DO WHATEVER YOU WANT THIS IS JUST MEANT TO BE FUN!

Also main thing is dont sweat keeping up with the list, this is meant to be fun, just follow it as you like.

If you draw something and then post a link to it here, then it will be added to the list.

Here is the prompt list:

1. Out of the inkwell

2. Mascot

3. Animal

4. Bug

5. Plant

6. Sea creature

7. Mythological creature

8. Fantasy

9. Future

10. Toy

11. Inanimate object

12. Clasical music

13. Jazz music

14. Fairytale

15 Romance

16. Villain

17. Candy

18. Carvnival

19. Costume

20. Magic

21. Holiday

22. Vehicle

23. Dance

24. Devil

25. Ghost

26. Witch

27. Monster

28. Skeleton

29. Cryptid

30. Haunted House

31. Happy halloween!