The Realm ( A new universe )

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Ok, guys. It's a universe i created during the last four days. The history of this world or it's characters are not very...let's say advanced. But still i wanted to share this with you.

Here we go :

The Four Kingdoms

So, this world is divided into four diffrent kingdoms. These Kingdoms are : The Forrest Kingdom, The Mountain Kingdom, The Gale Kingdom and the Kingdom of the Unknown God.

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This is a little map of these kingdoms. The writing on the map is in Polish, so i'll have to translate it to you.

"Górskie Królestwo" means "The Mountain Kingdom"

"Leśne Królestwo" means "The Forrest Kingdom"

"Królestwo Nieznanego Boga" means "The Kingdom of the Unknown God"

"Wichrowe Królestwo" means "The Gale Kingdom"

While "Mapa Czterech Królestw" means "The Map of the Four Kingdoms"

But you could've guess it just by looking at the picture, as on each of these islands we can see either mountains, trees, clouds and nothing ( wich could symbolise the Unkown God's island ).

Anyways, as you know already how it looks like, let's go present each of these kingdoms and it's lords.

The Forrest Kingdom

This kingdom is the second wealtiest out of all the kingdoms ( the first one being the Mountain Kingdom ). It is situated on a small island, that has the area of nothing but a 1000 square kilometers. It has over 500 million citizens, in wich over 300 millions are talking and living trees, bushes and other plants. The 200 millions left are humanoid plant-like people. The Forrest People are usually pretty high ( they usually are over 6 foot tall ), but there's also some small ones. A perfect example is teh current king, wich is only 3 foot tall.

The king, once he's elected, stays king up until his death. The artefacts that the king has to carry with him is the "Forrest Mace". It's a magical artefact, thanks to it, the king has control over trees and other plants in case of war or under any other moment when he needs their help. The Forrest Mace, can be used also as a powerful weapon, as it's branches can elongate in order to catch or beat oponnents.

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Here on the left you can see the current king : Ulryk Oaknen.

Anyways, the Forrest King is always sitting on the King's Watchtower. It's a throne, made of a common hunter's watchtower. It has magical - manipulative powers. If the king dissagrees with someone in a matter he can comand his throne to TP his oponnent in order to make him change his mind. No - one else, besides the Forrest King and the Unknown God, knows about this power though.

The Forrest people usually don't build any buildings ( houses, palaces or anything of that type ). They prefer to sleep under the sky or under little tents.

The Mountain Kingdom

This kingdom is the biggest and the wealthiest of all of the kingdoms. It has the area of 5000 square km. It possesses the least citizens though, as only 300 million. From this 300 millions, 250 millions are humanoid-like creatures ( who basicly look like dwarfs ), and the rest are gigantic ( over 10 foot tall ) stone-like troll creatures ( who are under the command of the Mountain king ).

This kingdom has only one magical artefact. And that artefact is worn by the king. It's the Candel Crown. This artefact is also used a normal crown for the king.

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Here you can see the current king : Ryderick Aeledge, wearing the Candel Crown. The crown's magical powers consist of : omni-present seeing. The king cans ee everything that is happening in his kingdom simultanessly. Due to that power it's very hard to attack the Mountain Kingdom as they will always be prepared. The crown is also dragged to any form of gold, silver or iron in the mountains. Thanks to that the mountain people don't even have to look for lodes of these minerals. That's why this kingdom is so rich.

The mountain people live under the ground, in mountain caves and such. They did build a lot of long tunnels in the mountains, creating gigantic castles under the ground.

The Gale Kingdom

This kingdom is the least wealthiest of all of them. Also, this kingdom is divided into two separate parts. The first part is the island, it's a big terrain, that has over 3000 square kilometers.And nobody lives there. The second part is the Kingdom in the clouds. Every single citizens ( they are 400 million ) has his own cloud on wich he can live along with his family.

Four, of all the gale people are the Four Winds : the Southern Wind, The Northern Wind, The Eastern Wind and the Western Wind. The rest of the gale people are small or not very powerful winds, closed in containers made out of bandages, so that they can interact with the other creatures in their world. As they are winds, they cannot be killed. So every Gale - man is immortal. The only gale - man that has a normal, solid, body is the king.

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The only body part that the king has, and that stayed a wind are his hair.

Here on the left you can see the current king : Varius Stormman. He is the king since the beginning of the time.

The magical artefact that the Gale Kingdom possesses is the Storm Cape. The Storm Cape is the most powerful and the most devastating artefact out of all of the artefacts cited earlier, as it has the control over the Four Winds. And though the Four Winds are living creatures that can act as they want, they cannot ignore the call of their master : the king. And so, if the Storm King wants to go to war, he can call his Four Minions.

The Unkown God's Kingdom

The Unkown God is the creator of the universe. He created all the four kingdoms and the planet they're on. He is as old as the universe itself and he has unlimited power ( he is lterally omnipotent ). He created also the four magical artefacts.

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The Unkown God, one day was really bored, so he created a planet and a creature that could live on it : Varius Stormman. After that he created the four winds and the Storm Cape. So that Varius can be the Storm Lord. After that he created the Galemen. They became Stromman's minions.

The Unknown God was very happy of his work, and so he created other islands and other creatures that can live on them. He left the planet, to return some day to see how his experiment was going on.

After he returned, he created an island for himself, in order to rest. He told the Three Lords of the other islands that they can always come to him, to ask him about their world and if they needed help. To make their lives easier, he created the four

artefacts and gave them to the three lords. He said to them that only lords wearing or carrying these items will be getting any advice or help on his island.

Since that very day, almost 7 thousand years past. And the civilizations he created are doing far.

Relations between kingdoms during these 7000 years

It's not the history of the world. I just wanted to tell you guys about the nature and temper of all of the four kingdoms.

The Forrest Kingdom is usually one of the most calm and peaceful kingdoms. They try to never participate in any form of war ( although they were three great wars between them and theMountain Kingdom).

The Mountain Kingdom, is the most agressie one. The current king was even provoking the Unknown God! The Mountain People love to fight and to sack little villages or cities. That's why the mountainers started wars with the Forrest Kingdom four times, once with the Gale Kingdom and almost started a war against The Unknown God.

The Gale Kingdom these guys are the most peaceful ones in the entire realm. The only conflict they ever had is the one with the Mountain Kingdom years ago. The Storm King Varius Stromman is a good friend of the Unknown God, as they are the closest in age and wisdom.

The Kingdom of the UnknownGod, he is the creator of the universe. He loves all his children. He helps all the kingdoms equally if they ask for help. He is a good friend of the Storm King.

The End

I thank everyone who read that. And i'm sorry for my spelling mistakes, i'm not english and i tried my best. Also, i hope that the things i wrote are understandable enough to actually understand what i wanted to say. Thanks once again.

Anyways, those are only the basic things i invented during these four days, and this world will be still growing in my head and my notebook.

If you find anything not understandable, or you have any advice on how i should change something or what should i add to this, please let me know in the comments.

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More incredible stuffs from my extremely talented artist friend.

Keep up the good work ^_^