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Well okay, not really. I just thought that title sounded cool. But I am making a fan comic!

Or to be more precise, I'm writing a fan comic, and someone else is doing the art. The current artist is pyongpyong, though this may be changing soon. So far we've been able to get out 1-2 pages a week.

I just wanted a place to let people know about it, and hopefully interest a few of you. And this was where I was told to do just that, so here I am. The comic stars Ravager from DC, aka Deathstroke's daughter.

Why? Because she's my favorite character and I want more stories with her, dang it. This story takes place in the pre-Nu52 universe, as though Flashpoint never happened, though with some slight modifications (Bruce Wayne was never time displaced by Darkseid, for example, and instead actually died). It also picks up about a year after the last stories we saw before Flashpoint.

The cover for the first story arc:

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If anyone cares to take a look, you can find the comic on its home tumblr at theravagerfancomic.tumblr.com

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@ravager4: Sounds cool. Glad to see you back on the vine.

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@ravager4: definitely, I haven't seen you since the DC Mayhem days. What have you been up too?

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@delphic: Life, man, life.

Which basically means a lot of working.

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@ravager4: I visited the tumblr but I'm horrible with social media so I'll comment here.


Cover: The font really sets the tone. I also happen to love the fearless expression of Rose while she's in the Scarecrow's hand, which I find already a little telling of her character. Using the blade as a divider was also a cool idea. Scarecrow's pinky is awkwardly positioned much further out than the other four fingers are spaced. Rose's bust looks to be a little too far to the the left. I also prefer the black eyepatch to the white one that she occasionally sports.

Page 1: I like the decision to keep the first page plain as far as paneling and word bubbles. In comics that's usually where the artist starts the conversation that the writer will eventually finish. The brightness on the first two pictures was good; the only downside for me is that the background seemed to have more detail than the foreground which is a little bizarre.

Page 2: The top panel should have 3 panels instead of two. One in the middle to indicate why Dick would suspect someone in his house. The action was brief but great! I also liked the flirty one-liner at the end.

Page 3: Good timing to bring up the Titans as a reference. The facial expressions should be less homogenous. I'd recommend having the characters occasionally open and close their mouths in different panels (at least twice).

Page 6: The bar could use a little more detail beneath the shelves under Rose (a few glasses, a shotgun, a baseball bat, things like that). The men's faces being vague in the distance was well done, as well as the changed expression when money came up. You could make money bold, although it's fine the way it is.

Page 8: Blüdhaven is missing an umlaut over the u. Liked the inversion on the word bubbles on the top panel. The shading is superb throughout this page.

Page 9: Mr. Dagget could be put in bold if he is a relevant character to this issue. Their banter works well and is complemented by the goons' dialogue.

Page 10: That last panel is epic!

So nice job. Wish I had more to say about the writing, but maybe that means you're doing well.

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@dngn4774: thanks for the feedback! I actually don't do the art myself, as I put in the op, so I can't really do anything about that on my end. That artist is only going to be around for another couple of pages, though, mostly because of time issues (doing pages far slower than he said he could). The new artist sports a different, slightly cartoonier style, but puts more detail into the backgrounds, so there's that.

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@ravager4: Yeah I would have gave the artist a callout if he had a comicvine account. I can't really give you feedback on the writing until a full chapter is finished.

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I like this

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@ravager4: I just read through what you've got so far, and I'm really impressed. Your ability to write these characters with their own established voice, and not just an extension of yourself as the writer, is way beyond what I would have expected. You've clearly read a lot of Rose and Nightwing comics. Well done.

I'm also pretty damn intrigued by where this story is going.

Oh, and I have to applaud you for one line in particular. The one about the cape blocking Rose's view. That was brilliant, and somehow something I'd never thought of when Dick held the mantle. He's got the best booty in comics, and that tight suit is an iconic accentuation of said assets. So of course we lose that when he's wearing a bat-suit. Awesome stuff.

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@jaken7: Thank you! It's always fun writing these characters together, Rose and Dick play off each other very well and it comes pretty naturally. If you haven't seen yet, there's a new page up, the last with the current artist. Starting with the next page, there will be a new artist with different, but hopefully still decent enough, style. And I should be able to release pages on a more frequent and consistent basis now, as well.