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At this years A-kon in Dallas I picked up a book called "How to draw and design Steampunk". Mostly I bought it because the artist who created it was such a nice guy and he'd done a couple of fantastic Steampunk commissions for me. But after reading it I decided to try my hand at drawing a little Steampunk. What better character to use for this exercise than Spider-man?

Opinions, critiques, or CONSTRUCTIVE criticisms all greatly encouraged.

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Here is the Deviant Art page where it's posted if you'd like to see a larger version: http://zzombiexiii.deviantart.com/art/Steampunk-Spider-man-312682834

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I think it's awesome. I love his spidey socks.

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Dude! That is so sick! I love the hair, all the mechanisms, everything!!!

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That is impressive. Really love the design and look, great job!!

Just to add, the design of the grappling hook and steel "web" with the pulley design is a great touch. Outstanding.

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Wow, that's amazing!

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really cool. Someone should write this.

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Love it!

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Great take, wish they published a version of the way you interpreted Spidey, love ur take as always!!!

You can make Archie from Archie Comics look Coo! :)

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Amazing concept!

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The level of detail is amazing

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This is amazing. Very Beautiful and stylish.

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Awesome stuff :D

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pretty cool.

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@Territorialhawk: @blur1528: @Decept-O: @retrovolver: @wildvine: @redscare: @RamsIllustrations: @crestfallen: @Mercy_: @Madame_Mist: @Omega Ray Jay: @The Poet:

Thank you all very much. I appreciate your taking the time to comment. I'm glad that this one turned out the way it did and that so many people liked it. :)