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Just wanted to show some new stuff i did these days :)

Red Sonja

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Batman from Arkham Knight

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Raz-Na (an original character i invented for 15yearcomics )

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Blood(Pale orc) and Guts(green one) interrogating a guy (This characters are from a webcomic im working on with 15yearcomics )

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And Wolverine against some stealthy ninjas :)

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Nice, I really like your style

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I really like how you color your stuff

The style you have is awesome also XD

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Very nice work! :D

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Really nice! Your style kind of reminds me of Francisco Francavilla or Jock in a way.

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I knew you could draw more than x-men, good stuff.

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These are all incredibly awesome, you are very talented.

Keep up the good work ^_^

It's really surprising to see so many extremely talented artists on comicvine.

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Dude, I am REALLY digging your style!

Please, keep up the good work!

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Thanks Guys i realy appreciate the feedback!!! :')

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Nice Red Sonja.... and everything else. Just really like the Sonja. Blood and Guts look like some pretty awesome characters too.

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I love the colors on these.

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Awesome, we need more arts from you

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These look great!

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I am a huge fan