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Here's something I made last night but forgot to post.

Sjurd & Gravetorn Comic Cover

It's based on a story I have in my head but haven't gotten around to writing, not that I post many stories on CV, anyway. Here it is...

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The story is: Two soldiers from opposing armies, Sjurd the Asgardian (right) and Gravetorn the Dark Elf (left), form a friendship after the events of the Asgardian-Dark Elf War when Malekith attempted to steal the Aether (MCU Thor: The Dark World). Sjurd was wounded and trapped when Gravetorn found him, but decided to help him once he realized Malekith tried to sacrifice him and his brethren as a last resort and failed. They soon forged a close-knit friendship, similar to that of Willis Davidge and Jeriba Shigan (Enemy Mine, a 1986 movie -- one of my faves), surviving until Malekith opened portals to Midgard, where they escaped to when Malekith and the remaining Dark Elves fought Thor. On Earth, Sjurd and Gravetorn, seek out new shelter and weapons and armor as a team to battle the evils that plague their new world.

Let me know what you all think about the comic cover. Hell, you could even give me ideas for the story, my eyes and ears are open!

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Bump. Teehee.

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Glad you did, at least yours has creative artistic value. :)