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This is my design idea for Swordsman in the Marvel Cinematic universe. He was one of the original Avengers, actually more like a special covert field team headed by Agent Nick Fury, back when Director Dugan was in charge and back before they had an official name. Sort of like Avengers 1959, http://www.comicvine.com/avengers-1959/4060-58699/

But i digress. Agent Duquesne, codenamed Swordsman, was and still is an expert in hand to hand combat, his specialty was swords and blades. He was also a pretty good marksman too. He was Agent Clint Barton's C.O. Before Barton became a full agent. Duquesne taught Barton everything he knew and made Barton the world class assassin and agent he is. But as he got older and as SHIELD became more official he drifted off the radar and now is drifting back into Coulson's sights while investigating Hydra agents. Duquesne has seem to become a mercenary for hire.

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I used Timothy Dalton as the actor because I think he looks the part, is the right age to be Barton's C.O. (just as in the comics Duquesne trained Barton), and is someone I could see playing the part in a movie or n Agents of SHIELD. I gave him more of a long coat uniform because I feel like it would help hide is age... for some reason that escapes me right now. I also tried to make his costume look like his comic costume while also reflecting Barton's Hawkeye costume. To sort of show that it could be something given to both by SHIELD. More of a uniform and less unique to Barton. Duquesne has two swords hing from his belt on his right and left hip, two on his back, two smaller swords laying horizontal on his belt, a few knives hidden on his person, a gun, and several throwing knives.

I like the idea of showing more of the past before the Avengers and Iron Man films and after the Captain America films.

In the end I see him being defeated and arrested but not killed, and he would still be smiling and happy with the outcome. Glad for SHIELD. I see Duquesne being a sort of restless spirit type, a soldier who sort of didn't know what to do once he wasn't active anymore.

My Commission Info:

I lowered my prices.

Its $25 for a head sketch to the shoulders in pencil on 11x17 paper.

$50 for a full figure in pencil on 11x17 paper.

$75 for a full colored/cleaned up figure drawn on 11x17.

And add an extra full body colored figure, + $50per extra figure.

My Commission Email:


I can also draw your own personal characters!

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Just a fun photoshop of my idea for the covert team that sprang from SSR and the Howling Commandos. Eventually the Commandos either retired or died and Dum Dum Dugan became Director. Then there is Agent Nick Fury, a young man who is one of the Government's best agents. Next is Agent/Assassin Jacques DuQuesne AKA Swordsman, and finally Dr. Henry Pym (Ant Man) and his wife Janet Van Dyne (The Wasp).

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Wow they look incredible. You are very talented my friend. Keep up the good work.