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#1  Edited By SharkBiplaneMan

I have a comic book. It's called SharkBiplaneMan. Check it out. It's free.

I kind of hate the cover to Issue 1, which is the only part done so far, So here's the cover to Issue 2.

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SharkBiplaneMan is (obviously) equal parts shark, biplane and human. His mental health is depleting and that causes psychedelic phenomena. His friends are Dritsek, an alcoholic troll with a rage/pride issue, and The Rapetergeist, a ghost who rapes rapists. They live in the fantasy-ish world of Sphinctoria where a genderless deity named Papmaw has taken a malevolent interest in our stupid hero. It's right-hand man, a hobo who thinks he's invincible named Old Rusty is on a fact-finding/harassment mission to learn more about SharkBiplaneMan.

Read it, download it, love it, hate it. Whatever. Give me some feedback. That would be wonderful. Positive or negative. Keep in mind that this is a first attempt and done single-handedly. If you like it enough, you could donate a bit to either my paypal or my Kickstarter.