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this is my first time posting here so i hope i've followed the rules all correctly. If i've gotten it wrong and this shouldn't be here just tell me or take it down or do whatever you need to do haha.

So rule 63 is something i take a lot of shameful delight in, and today Namor fell victim to me. The marvel universe's King of Atlantis and a personal favourite character. I thought 'hey, he makes a damn fine looking man' so naturally you can assume he makes a damn fine looking woman.

My new years resolution is to improve my drawing a lot. I want to get better at bodies and anatomy. I want to try and learn to draw guys properly. Get better at hands and backgrounds and stuff. The list goes on. I've been in a rut lately with some artists block and today i pushed through it to do this picture, so hopefully its gone. I've just been hating a lot of the stuff i've been sketching lately and hating on myself for my limitations, but i want to make myself better! Hopefully 2013 is a good year for drawing!

also this picture was referanced from some bikini model pose and has a teensy weensy little tiny bit of perspective too it which is something i am really keen to learn. Baby steps though.

and seriously how do i draw water? hahaha.

sketched in pencil, coloured in copic markers and edited in photoshop

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@CerealKiller: Well, regardless of my opinion of Namor, there is much talent growing there. Keep up the good work.

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@CerealKiller: You have made me a believer. Rule 63 Namor should be the only Namor.

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That is an amazing picture, rule 63 is now my favourite version of Namor :p

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Well oh my goodness, that is fantastic and you are awesome!

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you're good

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that is amazingly awesomely greatly beautiful art work!

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Wow, breath taken away.