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I don't often share outside of the contests, but I was particularly proud of this one.

My friends wife asked for a drawing for their son to give him. It's sort of a traditional thing (I guess) where he gets a commissioned piece. Short notice and further procrastination on my part, I was able to whip this out in an hour just before the holiday.

Hope you like it... I'll probably touch it up the image a little on my tablet in the coming weeks.

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Looks extremely nice.

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Excellent Colouring and Drawing!

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This is incredible, awesome pencil work and even better coloring. You are very talented my friend, keep up the good work and who knows maybe you will be drawing for the actual Guardians of the Galaxy comics.

Keep up the good work ^_^

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if that's done in an hour you are MAGNIFIQUE, MON AMI!

Great composition, nice tone, lovely expression and emotion coming through the characters to the viewer. Fab, bro, fab.

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The art look better the more i see it

This is awesome work.