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For this competition I chose a character called by the name of:

Blue Lady

Lucille Martin was a successful novelist who on returning from a trip to China to research her next book was asked by a Chinese woman, who knew that three thugs were after her, to hold a ring that had to be delivered to a man named Sing Thang in San Francisco's Chinatown. Before the boats docks the Chinese woman is murdered and thrown overboard and Lucille trips and breaks the ring, releasing a strange blue gas which knocks her out.

When she awakes Lucille finds that she now has super strength. Lucille then creates a costumed identity for herself called The Blue Lady, and as such she trashes the three thugs and gives the ring to Sing Thang.

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Deadline: 8th December 12:00PM EST

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Blue Lady

Pinned, thanks for getting the show on the road so quick.

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I figure she puts the ring on and gets all buffed up who needs a mask looking like that.

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This lady was so intriguing. I gave it a shot.

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Neat Character, here's my sketch

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Here is my entry. The first thing I changed is to giver her a longer dress, because her shorts were really awkward looking in her original design. I took a different approach to the mask by making it a decorated face piece. I decided to give her some gas related powers, so I made her fists emitting a gold/blue gas. Because she got her powers in China, chose to make the background the Chinese flag turned sideways. Because she is a character from an early time period, I gave her classic black hair instead of her regular blue hair and gave her long slick gloves. The hardest part of this art piece that took me a while to make just right is the gas mask. Because the gas was emitting from her glove, I thought it would be cool to add a gas mask. What made this hard, are most gas masks are very masculine or unappealing, I had to make this look feminine and beautiful. Hope you guys like this entry!

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Hi , sorry was down and out yesterday. Trying to do it now not reallly sure how to go about it :-)

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These are awesome! Great work guys :)

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