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I hope this gets some reception.

re-design The Tyro Team. any ONE or ALL members of the team.

DEADLINE: April 5th, 2015

@shatterstar please pin

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It's like the guys from the Archie Gang On the Down Low.

should be fun.

shoulda let us have the option of spookman or the shape, tho. :(

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This is my version of the Tyro Team. They are the henchmen of the Omega Society. The Omega Society is an Illumanati-esque Cabal of the privileged. The Tyros (def: Neophyte) are the pledges to the Society. They must serve a year under a member of the society to be considered for membership. Each Tyro Team consists of a Spec (a pledge with latent mental powers), a Creep (a pledge with enhanced endurance and speed. Usually an assassin), and a Swift ( a pledge who is a monster).

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@frischdvh: Wow man, nice job. I think that's my favorite art I've seen you do so far! Well done. :)

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@frischdvh, looks like you're the solo winner, next contest is yours to take.