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So over the holidays got a deal on a sweet Monoprice Monitor, a very affordable CINTIQ alternative for those looking to get into the digital side of things...

Some kinks to work out, but it feel like I have to learn to draw again plus learn a new piece of equipment..very frustrating at the moment.

But here are some of the early results thus far

So please, and comments, or input you guys could lend would be greatly appreciated :)

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Awesome art, you are very talented.

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Keep up the good work

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I received a Wacom Intuos Tablet for christmas, and I agree, it is basically like learning how to draw again. I must say, I'm extremely impressed with these. She-Hulk looks especially good. Well done.

- ZebrACloaK

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His is a draw on the monitor tablet which takes some getting used to. Yours is a draw on your lap and look at the monitor without seeing what your hand is doing which takes quite a bit more of getting used to and can cause many more redos. Yours is a steeper learning curve. I have tried both and will never again go back to the intous. Its not for everyone and certainly not for me but it is a great place to start digitally.


I think things look great already and you should be up to speed soon. I considered the Monoprice due to price as a back up but decided not to due to the screen not being Ips.

Hopefully it will help your productivity level having everything all in one place. As long as the pen is responsive and you get the varying pressure levels I think you will enjoy it.

Good Luck to both of you!

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Looking good, man! Liking the curviness of the ladies, very nice ^_^

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Wave 2...

I have decided the best way for me to go is the hybrid style once again..I just was not meant to be 100% digital I guess...no worriers. I think I will get my feet under me in a few months. should be a good year...enjoy!

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