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New Sketch cover I just finished-took 2 hours total, mostly colored pencil and acrylics

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that looks great

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Excellent job as usual, my good sir. Have you ever thought of putting together a sorta "how to" video together to show us how you do it? I'd love to see your technique in action. Very unique!

Hell, even if you ever wanted to sell prints, hit me up. I'd love to buy some.

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@TheAmazingImmortalMan: Thanks

@Gambit1024: Thanks Gambit, but I like doing prints of the commissions I get that take days to do--rather then these that only take 2 hours--and the problem for me making a video means I have to sit in one spot-or hold the cover still (I'm usually flipping it upside down-holding it at a distance while I squint my eyes etc)-and I am very A.D.D. if you know what I mean (I don't like to sit in the same spot for too long)--progress photos is much, much easier for me. Honestly for me, it's just years of practice--I got my REAL education working at Universal Orlando drawing Caricatures for 8 years, next to some of the illustrators who worked in Disney Animation before it was closed down. It was a brutal learning curve because I started when I was only 18, next to guys (and maybe 1 girl) who already had 20+ years experience on me. It took about 6 years to really get good at it and compete with the guys next to me (that sounds tough--and it was!) ! I am very appreciative of it though. Sorry that was long winded-and I kinda got off topic--but I was just trying to explain where I am coming from! -Nathan

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its gotta be the bestest drawing I've ever seen :)
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@depinrock3587: :)

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@nszerdy said:


@depinrock3587: :)



Thanks dude