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So here's the images, I'm the illustrator so I'm only really after any illustration advice. I'm pretty new to the whole comic scene although I Have been an artist for years.

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The story follows a clown who rallies up a group of followers who take over a town in a freedom fighter type way. The graphic novel is actually being written alongside a rock band's live show as a sort of story behind an album. Anyone in London should come to their show by the way!


So yea, basically just after any thoughts or feedback? It has been a really fun project for me to get involved in and would love to carry on with stuff like this.

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I really like the art. If I had to give a criticism, it would be that the color could maybe be touched up a bit more. Story sounds interesting too.

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What a cool concept! Art looks really good too :D

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Looks cool, just wished the images were uploaded vertically instead of this manner. Only "complaint" I have. Good luck with it.

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the clown band thing reminds me of Megaherz

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You're really talented :)