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Get ready for an evolution! Hey guys, my name is GlassMirror, and I'm new here! Today I wanted to show everybody my new comic that will be canon the My Little Pony: FIM!! Now some of you might not like this sort of thing, and some of you bash bronies and pegasister and stuff. I for one am not a Brony of some sort (just to let you know), and I am only doing this because I like it, and it's easy to draw etc.! The official DeviantArt page is right here: http://sakurafly101.deviantart.com/art/New-Ancient-Relic-cover-page-425231314

For right now it only has 14 or so pages, but it's coming along just fine. Would be nice if I had more people to help though... Also, it may be boring to read for now, but it's a build up, and it's going to get really intense soon! Well, that's all for my discussion of this new comic! Thanks guys!

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@glassmirror: Hi! Welcome to CV, and good luck with this! Not really into MLP myself but always good to see people trying new things :)