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This is my first attempt at drawing on paper and then scanning it on and colouring it digitally using a wacom tablet and photoshop.

Any and all help is appreciated!

(I'm new to this, and wouldn't have been able to even do this without these two texts, Digital Manga by Ben Krefta and The Complete Book of Drawing Manga by Peter Gray.)

The colour of the skin tone has turned out differently than it looked on the screen when i was colouring, and I know the line work isn't great and inking is something i need a lot of work on.

Saying this, would love some feedback and help!

Thanks. :)

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Looks good :)

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I like it. One thing I'm really focusing on atm is skin. He looks a bit pale right now, so you could make his skin a little more saturated and maybe even add some blush around his cheeks, nose, ears, etc. Nice one.

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@hearsay: @quinnofthestoneage: Thanks so much! Great to get some positive feedback!

Yeah totally agree on the skin, I have no idea what happened. On Photoshop it looked like a normal skin tone, but once I got it on here and Deviantart the tone completely changed! So gonna need to experiment with the for a bit and see how to sort it for future attempts. :-)

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Hey, this is good! Hope you'll post more of your art here. Welcome to CV :)