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I need someone who can sketch out more realistic like, darker type drawings (usually seen in Batman). If you would like post your early work. If you want to know the basic concept of the story I'll post it as well.

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@yourneighborhoodcomicgeek: I would like to know more about your story. I'm looking for writers who have stories to be drawn. I want to practice and hone my skills and hopefully go pro someday. I even posted a thread about this a few days ago.

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It sets in an ancient village that has survived in recent times, and has one temple that contains the Grandmaster. The Grandmaster is immortal, but only so when he sits atop his throne. For thousands of years he has ruled his village, with a whole system of assassins, ninjas, and other warriors to do tasks he commands for them to do, since he is constrained to his throne. However, despite the throne making him immortal, he will be too weak to handle its power. So, every month he has a sacrifice assorted for him to make him powerful enough to suit the ancient throne. Once a sacrifice is sat upon him, he sucks the soul and the memories of the person, resulting in them being alive, but at the same time, lifeless. The souls and memories are sucked into this portal behind the throne, which retains every single soul, along with its memories. This has gone on for thousands of years, until one person, a Nameless, decides to revolt.

Now, a Nameless is a person who narrowly survives the process of the sacrifice, resulting in them losing almost all of their memories, and only retaining a part of their soul. There has not been a Nameless in hundreds of years, and the last one was killed trying to regain his identity from the portal. The story of the current Nameless (around mid-30's at the time of these events) is a story of redemption. Before he was a Nameless, he was the Grandmaster's right hand lieutenant, and swiftly took out his duties with no hesitation...even the most vile actions. However, that was before he had a son. His wife had been sacrificed only months after his birth. At that time, the current Nameless was still blindly obeying the orders of the Grandmaster, so he felt remorse and guilty, even sadness for his son, but continued on. Years later, the Nameless' son (in his teenage years), is called up for sacrifice. His son, being raised by his own father, accepted his fate, and even felt rewarded and honored to die in the cause of his Grandmaster. Unfortunately, the Nameless had grown out of his obedience for the master and revolted. Fighting past many warriors, including once best friends and respected allies, made it to the throne.

Seeing this as an act of betrayal, the Grandmaster decided to eradicate the memory and soul of the Nameless, and almost did so until his son, ironically, sacrificed himself for his father to live. Being on the top floor of the ancient temple, the interrupted blast of the sacrifice knocked the Nameless out of the window, and into the harsh tundra climate outside of the walls of the village. This is how our protagonist becomes a Nameless, as he narrowly survived the sacrifice and lost most of his memories (including his fighting capabilities), and goes on a road of self-redemption. But, along the way, he may grow attached to his new, clean slate identity, instead of reclaiming his old one.