My Star Wars / Star Trek T-Shirt! A shirt that tells Trekkies and Warsies, why can't we all be friends?

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This was a passion project of mine. I've been a great fan of both Star Trek and Star Wars, I've been watching both franchises since the early 90s, and seeing both Warsies and Trekkies flamewarring with each other just breaks my heart. I just want to be that one guy that says "I love both and why can't we all be friends?"

Remember, George Lucas himself was a Trekkie before he created Star Wars.

Download T-shirt design here:


This T-shirt was made for fun, a non-profit fan project made solely for fun, entertainment and personal use.
The making of this T-shirt, in no way, shape or form, has any affiliation or association with CBS, Paramount Pictures, Lucasfilm or the Walt Disney Company or any other individuals with ownership over the "Star Trek" and "Star Wars" franchises.
All "Star Trek" copyright belongs to CBS and Paramount Pictures.
All "Star Wars" copyright belongs to Lucasfilm and the Walt Disney Company.