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I'm doing a random assignment for my grade 12 art class in highschool. So I plan to create the origins of Luther Strode by drawing The Hercules Method, a milk carton, a math book, a newspaper, and an autopsy. I will connect all of them at the end. I plan to have the newspaper article reveal that a thug or high school bully has been killed by a blunted force object and have the math book have dried blood on it. The autopsy will show Luther Strodes basics abilities, showing doctors writing about healing and muscle mass. the milk carton will be the exact milk brand Hercules would be drinking in the cover page. Then I think i'll add like a bag of chips falling with the bag full of calories and the cover page of the magazine saying to "Buff up those calories!"

Please tell me what I need to improve on and what needs to be done to improve this piece. I'm pretty committed to represent Luther Strode in the best of my ability

The Title shall be "Origin Story"

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