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I had this awesome idea of making myself as a new character... His name is Andre Dallagarth, AKA Demon Fang (tho in the image he has casual clothes. That's not his suit):

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Yeah, it is actually my "Meet the Artist" drawing (which I made as well for Pride Month), but still, Dal is basically me, but obviously more powerful and skilled.

Above, you can see what I like and dislike, it is the exact same things Dal likes and dislikes as well...

Dal is half demon, half human. He is highly skilled in terms of unarmed and armed combat, tho he is much better with his fire weapons, fire weapons that come by his demon martial progress (and by looks, they're pretty similar to MCU Ancient One's magical weaponry: her magical fans, shields, etc. or similar to Fox Psylocke's psychic weaponry)...

As skill reference (using Live Action references), his H2H would place him in the tier where MCU Typhoid Mary or MCU Elektra (Pre-Black Sky) are, and when using his fire weapons, he is comfortably placed up to Fox Psylocke level...

I think that only by that explained above ^^^he is pretty awesome... however, this is not even half of what he is (or would be) capable of:

  • Since he is half demon, half human, he will in a future be capable of shapeshifting into any form he wants. His base form is that from the image... for now, he can only "access" to his s demon form when he is exposed to very high temperatures...
  • He is highly skilled for sure, especially with his fire weaponry. However, this is not his maximum potential. In a future, he'll be capable to unlock the most powerful weaponry... his Obsidian swords. Only his master has done that ever before in Hell... This event will place Dallagarth several Tiers above in his combat progress... and when he masters these, he'll be as dangerous (skillwise and with stats as well) as MCU Valkyrie (add that as well the fact of him being super strong and durable in his demon form).
  • In his demon form (for now), he is pretty capable of increasing his stats up to Super Soldier level... In a future, he'll be much stronger in his demon form...
  • In his demon form, he has pyrokinesis. However, when he uses it in excess, he gets depowered and needs couple of days to fully recover.
  • His cat, Aura, is a demon.
  • He is immortal... and at some point of the future, he is destined to become the ruler of hell... however, he does what he wants, and is free of choosing whatever life he wants...