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I have been drawing JLA vs. Avengers battle pages since I was early in my teens(so forgive the crudeness of some of the pages), and have accumilated about 150 pages, some are still incomplete.

Well my original plan was to incorporate my pages with the 21 original ones that George had, to help complete the original story, which is why the time egg is involved, and the recent series did leave open a door for a time egg story.

It's still a fexible idea, but my focus has been to only draw the fights first and come up with the complete story later. As childish as it may sound to some, YES, WE WANT TO SEE THEM FIGHT, and fight they will. Each major match-up is going to be pages, of action, not just panels.

there are 3 major sections of battles

1. beginning time distortions-no winners (1-3) pages each on average, depending on which characters involved)
2. tournament style one on one fights - clear victors(1-4 pages on average)
3. pursuing an object(time eggs) as teams and individuals - victory claimed with possesion of the object(1-10 pages on average, except Supes/Thor)

Basically, Something happens to activate/disrupt the time egg (open to plot suggestions), either it splits/self replicates itself across time/dimensions causing parallel places/earths to start merging Gotham/Wakanda, Asgard/New Genesis, etc (Battle Section 1)

The heroes may or may not remember each other (not sure yet), but for some reason (open to plot suggestions) once the worlds are merged they go after one another , like Wolvie hunting Bats down in his own cave etc (Battle Section 2) even the villains take each other on

Info is gathered about what's going on, and that's where we have the Scarlet Witch/ Zatanna pages lead into the time chases/battles to collect the time eggs for each respective side (Battle Section 3), now as to what plot device makes them continue to fight each other for the eggs instead of being sensible and teaming up then is (open to suggestions)

Some top tier villains get a hold of some of the eggs and tap into their power, Ultrainiac 7 creates the Sentinomacs, enlists villains, hunt down the heroes and take over, and the heroes are forced into hiding, striking back in small resistance numbers. On one such strike to save someone like Lois, who is being used as bait, Supes and Supergirl or Powergirl will attempt a rescue, only to run into the all new manga style kryptonite based Sentinomacs who overtake the weakened two and a heartfelt death of Kara takes places as a helpless Supes watches(Wow,that's original LOL). They are about to kill Supes, when he is saved at the last second by Darkclaw, who tries to make his way with a battered Supes to a safety portal. They make it to the sewers as some villains appear (maybe Deapool rematch, and/or some Sabretooth etc, maybe Daken too), he throws Supes through, deactivates it, turns to face Pool/Tooth, pops his claws, and a we get some very intense action

The heroes rally for a final strike as they get help when booster and spidey pop up with the LSH, all the Ultimates heroes, Image and Wildstorm heroes

The JLA and Avengers then go take on Thanos and Darkseid, where we can finally see some Thor vs Darkseid and some Supes vs Thanos

Once the eggs have been brought back together, the only way for all the multi-verse worlds can survive is for the Spectre or some cosmic being to help Sentry harness his true potential power with the egg and allow for the book ending with there being a main earth with all main companies characters co-existing,

and there being many parallel earth versions like back in the old days. Imagine spidey/spawn, ultimate cap/earth-1 cap, group meetings between JLA/X-men/Authority/Avengers etc

 As far as my artistic style mixing goes-

I'm a mad scientist, purposely mixing and playing around with things to see what I come up with, it keeps things fresh and interesting for myself which is why my work looks so stylisticly schizo

No doubt I have many influences and it shows, and when I draw say thor I keep Walt Simonson in mind, I don't have to have a picture of his thor next to me trying to copy his style, haven't done that since I was 13, but I have a grasp in my mind to his line style, which is more scratchy, zig zag lines. From ages 9-13 I studied the line styles of George Perez, John Byrne, Arthur Adams, Todd Mcfarlane, Jim Lee, and Simonson, The problem may be that I studied them too well, and never really developed a distinctive one style to call my own.

I like some characters drawn a certain way, and even though I try to mix these styles together sometimes to come up with hybrid styles, they look too much like the style I have in mind. It's almost like having a photographic memory and being able to go to that image in mind of whichever style I'm thinking of and then applying it to the current image that I'm creating.

I don't think any of my mimicked styles look that close to the original, just related to them. I like the style mixing look, and since I am not activley pursuing a career in the comics industry, I can get away with it. It's fun being outside of the box, creating my own "JAM" comics

Here's the style breakdown of the page 3 of the cap marvel story I did and what I was trying to do-
panel 1- Perez-ish CM, a Lee/Mcfarlane hybrid on BA, Byrne-ish PG
panel 2- Adams-ish PG
panel 3- Perez/Byrne hybrid on Sentry, Perez-ish on Herc & MsM
panel 4- Lee-ish BA vs a Byrne-ish Sentry
panel 5- Simonson-ish CM & Byrne/Perez-ish Herc/MsM
panel 6- Adams-ish Herc, Mcfarlane-ish CM

I've swiped a pose or two in the past from other artists, but when I did that, i would try and not use the same style as them. I now use photo reference from digital stock sites.

So as to not try and post all 150+ pages, I will just post the latest section of stuff from the end of battle section 3 and the beginning of the hero huntdown, but other earlier pages can be found at

this thread

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I wish I  can see the ending but the fight sequence is really good!

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Wow, that's simply amazing!

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thats good! I wish you could add some coloring!!

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That is some amazing work.

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Awsome stuff

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Scans Daily Part 2.

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great work!colour it and it will be awesome

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awesome work
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#11 Edited by DR JAM_ONIT (24 posts) - - Show Bio

thanks to all for stopping by and commenting
A far as coloring, I'm not that great at Wacom tablet coloring yet, but I'd like to see folks practice on these to see what they come up with
Oh I brought a new page too

Yes sir, yet another conclusive ending to a major match-up, sorry Rulk fans, but my Supes is more closer to Pre-Crisis than post

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Intense detail man.

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my god its beautiful

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Wow thats amazing!

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Wow. wow.

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This is one of the coolest things I've ever seen on Comic Vine.

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WOW that is great man
 i just love your art i wish i was as good as you.

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Thanks for dropping by and commenting, always a pleasure to see others enjoying this as well
oh yeah, you know I brought a new page with me

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Those are really good.

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thank you for the kind words and sorry it took so long for this page, but there's a lot of stuff to cover in a 10 panel page

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Cool man.

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nice work, poor Batman

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all i can say is WOW.

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I have to be honest. Those drawings are incredible.

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What a blast! You are very talented. You definitely know how to draw action.

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that is probably the best arwork i've seen in a long, long, long time. Great job

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Dude that is so sweet, i can't wait till this comes out as a full comic.

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This is Great!

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A little more polishing and colouring, and this will be truly great. All in all, a premium work.

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Amazing, amazing, and amazing.

Will there be a Deadpool VS Deathstroke show down? It will be frickin' awesome!!

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Perfecto....ok 99% awesome. If you added talking it would be perfect.

PS I suck at drawing and I'm just saying it would be cool if there was text, PLEASE DON'T BASH :)

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Perfecto....ok 99% awesome. If you added talking it would be perfect.

PS I suck at drawing and I'm just saying it would be cool if there was text, PLEASE DON'T BASH :)

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You folks support and encouragement are freakin overwhelming, and I thank you for it

In page 1 of Bats vs Wolvie, there is a hint at the Pool vs Stroke fight, but not sure when or how i might actually show it

I put the pages out there across the internet because my artistic plan is to do a complete 200+ page first-run on pencils, whether messy, incomplete backrounds, anatomical issues, then a second penciling run through to fix and change things up using the input from the fellow fans and critics alike.

this is one of the few places where we can use the html code to run these in one swoop
So here they are in all their unfinished glory, starting from section 1 on to current

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part 1 of a double-page spread

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You need to get those inked...because they are some of the best pages I've ever seen.

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Maybe you could get this released.

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 I'd like to run by some ideas about the next 5-10 pages here as well
-the next panel is going to show above ground, the hall of justice is under attack and the leftover surviving members of jla, jsa, titans, and outsiders being overtaken by a team of villains led by Count Nefaria and Maxima(or I was going to use Superboy Prime, but maybe I should have Ultrainiac 7 bring him into the book later on at the heroes big stand)

Alan Scott and John Stewart are protecting the hall with a giant green bubble, and below Cap comes up with an idea, he asks Zatanna, Strange, Wanda, and Dr. fate(who appears), to create an enchantment along with Thor's hammer, to transport the entire hall of justice to another dimension for retreat so that regrouping and plans of coordinated efforts can be made. They can do it, but it's going to take some time, time they don't have. So an already beaten down WW, Supes, and Cap, head topside to help buy some time
 here's the list of some of the considered villains and heroes

Absorbing Man
Lady Deathstrike
Speed Demon
Wrecking crew

The possible dc heroes left

Martin Manhunter
Cap Marvel
Black Lightning
Hal Jordan
Power Girl
Wonder Girl

I know i want to see-
 a shot of Kraven vs Vixen, and Titania going at Power Girl

Nefaria will get the better of a battered Supes, who just finished beating Rulk not too long ago, and here are a couple of directions I can go

1- have Sentry(and maybe a couple of of avengers) appear after receiving Caps distress call for backup from any available Avengers, and have Sentry vs Count Nefaria
2-If Superboy Prime is used here, I will have JSA kingdom come Superman show up to take on Nefaria, and Sentry will come to take on Superboy Prime  

So the major things in consideration are

1-Nefaria/maxima  or nefaria/superboy prime led villains?

2-Sentry vs Count Nefaria
3-kingdom come Superman vs Nefaria, and Sentry vs Superboy Prime  

4-villain/hero line-ups

What do you think and or any extra ideas?

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Good stuff!!!

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Somebody get this guy a job at some company so he can get  payed money to do this NOW! I mean this amazing stuff.

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 Thanks as always, just checking in to see  if any ideas on the upcoming page were out there, since I'll be starting on them soon

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some great art and ideas
I think saving SMPrime till the end would be a good idea unless you have some big universal threat in the wings.
Everything looks pretty good to me.

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I can't see a thing, save the writing.

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Glad you all are enjoying the stuff,
maybe i'll have SBPrime boosted into black costumed SMPrime later on

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its so good that if it  was bound and coloured  i would buy it , great job  your a very talented artist

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Great job!

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Thanks very much,
It would be interesting to see some folks besides me practice coloring some of them

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 lots of effort went into this page