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So any way... that was as far as I went with it. I started doing it because up until that point I'd never managed to do two decent drawings on the same page. I cut and pasted several different drawings together into each page and panel as a sort of cheat on the computer. If anyone wants to add pages or leave criticisms. I'm interested to see and/or read them.

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Can I have a little of whatever you where high on?

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Just high on clean living my man. There's plenty to go around for everyone.

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Quacko is dreamy! Very cool and very funny. Props on the Alpha Flight reference.

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Really like your first attempt.

Remember Galactus is huge, his head should be smaller even with the large helmet piece to give that impression. Also watch your elongated necks as with Captain America.

Your figures are well done and your female form is great. Many artist end up with a slightly more masculine approach to the female form but you captured the femininity very well!

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Thanks @ms-lola and @ramsillustrations. for commenting.

I'd just read an old book on mesmerism from Project Gutenberg which was the inspiration for Quacko. He makes me laugh as well mainly because I'm not sure if I get it. Alpha Flight was my favourite team right up until John Byrne killed Guardian. Then I was too angry to enjoy the rest of the series.

I'm focussing more and more on proportion as I go along. It's funny I never noticed Galactus's boof-head until you pointed it out - Now it stands our like a fluorescent thumb. Captain America's neck was a choice I made that does actually look ridiculous, like you say. I see I've done it again with the first Nova neck on P2 and the last Hulk neck P3 which were less intentional. I've got some simple rules drawing women - hips shoulder width - smaller feet and hands - and smaller faces. Glad to hear they're kind of working.