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"So many voices."

Hello Everyone.

(Been away for a while now due to mostly school and abit of work. But I'm back now and will try my best to post and participate in the fun contests.)

Back to this sketch piece! Lately I've learned that I truly like MoonKnight. This character is so rich with internal conflict, characteristics, and intriguing potential. I love the concept of one vigilante have multiple alias to fight crime. Initially Moon Knight had The Playboy (connection to NYC high society), The Mercenary (combat specialist), and The TaxiDriver (connection to NYC criminal underworld).

In my mind, Marc Specter uses fake face scars, fake sideburns/facial hair, fake cigarettes, and fake earpieces to transform between all three aliases.

Similar to when Bruce Wayne goes undercover as Matches Malone. However I don't find Matches that...appealing but anyway.

For those who don't know , Bendis did a MoonKnight run where Marc could think like and "hear" Captain America, Spiderman, and Wolverine. (Its an awesome idea but I think it can become dull after a superlong run.) I also love the idea of MoonKnight in Los Angeles. Not enough MARVEL heroes in California.

This piece was sketched and then outlined in Photoshop with the help of my Wabcom.

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Donovan Montgomery


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Good to have you back.

Look forward to seeing you in the contests again.

Nice piece here.