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hey guys! Long time no see :) I have been SOOO busy with college and such, but recently I have been learning photoshop. I have been getting better, but a long way to go still :)

Anyway, I also set up a facebook page which is growing steadily, which if you like the work here, I would LOVE if you supported the page :) http://www.facebook.com/AdamMartinArt

Anyway, here's one for now of Iron Man my first 'proper' painting on CS6

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Wow that's amazing, i love how you got the metallic shine =)

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Nicely done sir!

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Well done! I love the clouds in the background and the glowing eye!

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very nice, I really like that metal tone

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Love it, well done!

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@Aiden Cross: @Fetts: @bennyq: @clemj: @RamsIllustrations: Thanks for the feedback guys! I completely forgot about this thread, it was only when Rams replied to my comment I actually rediscovered my own thread! lol

I've improved a lot since this painting, I hope you all like my Max Payne piece I did a few days ago. Be sure to like and share it hereI'm nearly on 100 likes, so PLEASE show your support on Facebook today!

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