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Awesome stuff!! I love your work on All-Star Western and a very awesome Conan!!! Can't wait to see more of your great stuff when I get a chance to browse your art pages.

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@passoutwords: incredible jobs on all of them, that's some of the best Hex I've ever seen. Totally love the war torn Conan too.

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DooooooD awesome stuff! Well done!

I wanna post somethin too but I'm still thinking of what to draw. :P

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everything freakin aweosme

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A real DC artist? Hope you answer the email I sent ya! : D

At least the Artist name matches the art. Now does the art and name match the poster of this thread?

Great art by the way!!

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really great artwork. It looks like it could be a cover of a comic book

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Cool...Do you have any Superman?

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some sweet stuff man, really great

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Wow, this is some professional stuff !

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If it is actually you I do like it very much and my favorite part of All-Star Western.

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Great work man!

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Wow, this is some truly professional artwork. I love the style of all of these, especially the details and color schemes. I also love how everything is placed and how you convey the movement of the characters. Well done, I love it!

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your a really really good painter. i really dig your stuff!
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some pretty cool stuff, the first one is the best I think.