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"One thing I will never do, is give up on myself!"

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...is the Hybrid God of Souls & Mercy -- son of Tyr, the Norse God of War, and Mokosh, the Russian Elder Goddess of Fertility and former Progenitor of Earth (basically Gaea).

Distinguishing Features: Peeking out from behind a cleverly worn blindfold are "draconic scales" aligning his eyebrow ridge and high cheekbones; although, by no means is he without sight, these scales are a testament to his bloodline and power. Said blindfold is a cloth torn from an old, decorative sheet of wolf leather, fixedly tied around his head. Etched in black and red ink across his torso (belly to upper chest, and backside) is a Runic spell cast in Witchblood (Russian magicks), which not only prevents him from lying (sans twisting the truth), but negates any form of mental trespasses (illusions, binding, domination, etc.) and physical tracing (detection of presence, foot prints, scent, etc.).

Power: He retains a cross-genetic mutation resulting in him maturing into a rare and exotic breed of Deity, who possesses standard and unique aspects of the Aesir (Norse) and Dievas (Slavic). Coupled with true immortality (ageless since embracing adulthood) and vitality (maintains prime conditioning and visage), Veiendregen has been granted supernatural strength and resistance to conventional injury, an accelerated healing factor and immunities (to fatigue poisons, diseases, foreign drugs and alcohol, partial-insulated weather extremes), increased speed and endurance, reflexes and agility, vast senses and mental processing (2x computing of multiple actions and calculations, minor telepathic defiance), flight (unaided levitation and propulsion), and a provisional empowerment (temporary boost in potential-output, twice its base stage). Due to such an obscure heritage, he is innately permitted dimensional teleportation between all Nine Realms, Svarga (which is adjacent to Earth), and parallel universes. The epitome of his power is that of Souls & Mercy, which he has complete mastery over; this means he can create and destroy souls, as well as manipulate soul energies into whatever he desires, such as armor, weapons, blasts and orbs, and even partially-sentient constructs. As half-Elder God, his traits are much higher than normal Gods and Goddess of both bloodlines.

Main Weapon: Combat Madu. Conceivably, the Keisereneve (Kai-Ser-Nehv, meaning "Emperor's Fist") is stated to have a design of unparalleled beauty and presentation, often unmatched by any other melee-styled weaponry. A magically-imbued, custom-forged Madu, it's typically used in a defensive conduct favoring a low-stance. Comprised entirely out of enchanted silver, gold, and precious palladium, this nigh-indestructible, Indian-inspired ancient creation is fitted with two opposing short-blades (each reaching 1.5 feet in length) and crossbars that simulate a handle mounted behind the plate-shield (3 feet in circumference). Primarily utilized to block and/or parry attacks before countering with a thrust, choke, lock or disarm, offensively, of course, the Madu is treated similarly to a dagger, where it pierces/stabs and slices/hacks; unconventionally, however, the Keisereneve is able to render through most materials (sans Adamantium) and can be thrown comparatively to that of a Chakram (or more specifically Captain America's Shield) with deadly precision, harmlessly returning to Veiendregen's hand after striking its target. When not active, Keisereneve rests inside a pocket-dimension, appearing instantaneously in his grasp when summoned.

Let me know what you all think!~

Veiendregen (Vayn-Druh-Ghin) is actually a "what if" incarnation of the Urban Ninja.

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Cool :)

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